Dream about Wraith

RagingCalm Member Posts: 408

So a few weeks ago I had this really weird kind of abstract dream. Basically, I was a survivor in DbD and the Killer was the Wraith, and it was absolutely scary. I think the Wraith had the same exact powers as he does now, so I don't know why he was so scary. The game wasn't first person or anything, just any time he came near me feeling of dread overwhelmed me as I pallet looped his ass and flashlight stunned him. That part was also weird, as I do not play survivor much and certainly am not able to pull that stuff off in the game.
A few days later, after the teaser of FINGER ACTION for the new chapter(not the teaser trailer, just the postcard), I had another dream. This was also before the devs said the new Killer is not a RingMaster, so outside of the dream I thought the Killer would be a ring master still. However, in the dream the Killer was a lion tamer. But not really - The Killer was the actual lion, and the lion tamer was just kind of standing on the ground. The map was a huge forest replica cage, like the one the main character of Rio was put in when he met the girl bird. But this cage was absolutely huge. A specific part of the dream that I remember was The Lion jumping down branches of one of the huge trees.