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So I actually got the idea for this forum from the last post I made here -
Basically, the idea is to make comments mocking your random thoughts about a game. No context is needed(I think that is what makes it funnier), but I will give context for mine to hopefully make the point of the thread more clear - I was injured with iron will and crouching in a good spot to hide from the killer, but suddenly a Nea ran past me. I thought to myself that surely the Myers would see her scratch marks and go for the Nea and I could crouch away safely, but then the Nea changed direction randomly causing Myers to also change direction, and seeing me. If it hadn't been for Nea then I would have been safe! The post I made essentially mocks the thoughts I had in my head about it. I think it would just be funny to make this a thing in this thread, just mocking our own thoughts about anything in general, even if not Dead by Daylight related.
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