Where did they go? Trophy / achievement group

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I managed to get a group of randoms on voice chat on the PS4 for this trophy before.

Hoping to get a group on chat to get this trophy again now im on PS5 and have to earn it again.

Feel free to add me on PSN (Froggard) or in game #6c3c if you want to go for it. If adding me on PSN send a message what it's for so I know its not a spam bot :P

Can use discord if playing with other platform players


  • skibcia6
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    Can I but without voice chat my microphone is on repair and I have cross-play on platform:pc

  • tottenhamshelf
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    Hi there, I and a friend are both looking to get this done, both on Ps5.

    have sent you a friend request, uk based so should be easy to sort 👍🏻

  • Froggard728
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    Really need to be able to communicate on this one skibcia6. It's too much of a help to be able to get it.

    I've accepted your request tottenhamshelf. This weekend good for you both?