Anyone else having issues with the Unbroken emblem?


10/10 games now i have earned not even a bronze in the Unbroken category. I should have earned atleast silver in all matches but i get no emblem at all. Afaik you should get bronze by simply beeing alive for 4-5 minutes and silver for 9 minutes. Iv'e gotten 0 emblems even when i escaped, making it really hard to rank up when you hit red ranks.

Anyone else having this issue?


  • TicTac
    TicTac Member Posts: 2,394

    Yh its a known bug.

  • Predated
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    Yep, you can only gain iridescent unbroken or bronze unbroken. Silver and gold are instantly black. Which is at least better than before, where you could only gain bronze unbroken.

    I literally ended up in green ranks after the reset because there was no silver, gold or iridescent unbroken emblems(let alone that pretty much anything that wasnt an exact black pip or an exact pip counted as a depip too, at least they fixed that). The only way to not depip was to finish 3 gens, loop a killer for 2 full minutes and heal/unhook the majority of survivors. Since that is literally impossible, the average pip I gained was -0.9 per match.

    So, here I am, back in green ranks for the first time since I rejoined the game.