Best stun noise.


Which killer do you think has the best stun noise? My top three are as follows:

Pig, it's just adorable.

Doc, his sound is just funny to me.

Ghostface, that sigh that sounds like I'm over this ######### is awesome.


  • QwQw
    QwQw Member Posts: 4,531

    I a lot of people are gonna say Pig, but to me Ghostface's sigh is the best. It's just so relatable.

    Also Huntress sounds like a mad cartoon character when she gets stunned.

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

    I thought about adding her as an honorable mention to my top three.

  • Anniehere
    Anniehere Member Posts: 1,257

    When the Doctor and Plague are stunned, i feel sorry for that hit because it's sounds like a pain for a second.

  • JoByDaylight
    JoByDaylight Member Posts: 707

    Wraith sounds like an elephant to me.

    My favorite stun noise would be doc though. That stun is for real.

  • offwhiteknight
    offwhiteknight Member Posts: 172

    Demogorgon. Suck a great whistle.

  • scenekiller
    scenekiller Member Posts: 890

    Wraith, Spirit, and Huntress crack me up because of how dramatic they are

    Ghost Face because it's how I feel myself when I get stunned

  • lewis
    lewis Member Posts: 63

    i love pyramid heads one and just his noises in general

  • swager21
    swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    1 deathslinger

    2 legion

    3 ghostface

  • Phasmamain
    Phasmamain Member Posts: 11,531

    Clown’s is just amazing

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,093

    Ghostface sigh is the best. Trapper grunt close second.

  • Yamaoka
    Yamaoka Member Posts: 4,321

    Can't decide. I really like most stun sounds.

    - Doctor sounds like someone kicked him between the legs.

    - Legion stun makes me think the pallet dropped exactly on one of his toes (especially due to their stun animation)

    - Pig makes me go "aaaaw ❤️"

    - Ghostface really does sound like he's so done with this stuff

    - Demogorgon makes me feel bad for some reason. I don't want Demodoggo to ever feel bad. I even got tunneled and hit on the hook by one yesterday and still found him adorable.

    - Wraith sounds like you've genuinely hurt him.

  • GodLikeTerror
    GodLikeTerror Member Posts: 1,054

    Legions stun noise is absolutely hilarious.

  • NomiNomad
    NomiNomad Member Posts: 3,178

    I'm disappointed by the lack of Huntress tantrum stun here.

  • GannTM
    GannTM Member Posts: 10,853
    1. Spirit
    2. Ghost Face
    3. Pig