The Dog killer concept

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Killer concept: "The Dog", inspired by the movie and Steven King book, Cujo. The dog's play style is all about tracking and overwhelming it's prey. To get the survivors on the hook The Dog could drag them to the hook and then the entity could lift them up onto it. Criticism is welcome!


  • JackFrostMan
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    My first main issue with this is, well, it's a tiny bastard dog. Most of the killers we have had are, ya know, normal sized people. Relatively I mean. Hell, even Demogorgon is still a bipedal creature. The only killer that would even be close to the size of the Dog is Victor but...Victor is his own weird case.

    Overwhelming Maul: I just do not like the idea of that power. I don't really think a killer power that relies on you having to do skill checks is all that good. Kinda just feels wrong.

    Desperate Chase: Don't like it. Boosting bloodlust makes it feel like giving yourself an even bigger crutch than needed if you can't hit a survivor.

    High Alert: 25% is a LOT. Sure, you can't use it in a chase, but that just seems like a lot for something that can activate whenever.

    Canine Senses: Ehhh. Don't really know what to say about it besides "this doesn't feel like it's worth using". Is it just like a noise bubble notification? I suppose that helps if a survivor tries doing a sneaky move but otherwise I'm not sure how that's useful.

  • tristenbennett381
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    Interesting idea, I think a non humanoid killer could be sick. I feel like the dog should have more than a leap attack though, it doesn’t sound particularly fun to play as just leaping into skillcheck battles.