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Dying Light Buff Idea

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
edited April 2021 in General Discussions

Dying Light is awful and really boring. Nobody likes red bars, and nobody on the killer side likes red bars that don't even start helping you until the game is over unless you stack a bunch of other red bar slowdown, which sucks. No more red bars. More regression!

New Dying Light:

You become obsessed with one Survivor

Each time you hook a Survivor, you gain 1 Token:

  • For as long as the Obsession is alive, all Generators regress at a stack-able 20% extra speed, up to a maximum of 135% or 9 Tokens.
  • For each token, the Obsession is granted 5% Action Speed bonus to Unhooking and Healing other survivors.

Perks that directly control the regression rate (AHEM RUIN) of Generators are unaffected by Dying Light.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Now, if you'd like the specifics on this:

0 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.25 c/s (1/4th of a Survivor's progression rate)

1 Token: Gens regress at 0.3 c/s

2 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.35 c/s

3 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.4 c/s

4 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.45 c/s

5 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.5 c/s (Ruin speed, 1/2 of a Survivor's progression rate)

6 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.55 c/s

7 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.6 c/s

8 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.65 c/s

9 Tokens: Gens regress at 0.7 c/s (Pretty strong, but literally everybody but the obsession is dead by this point)



  • TheClownIsKing
    TheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    I personally don’t like this because I like Dying Light for its healing debuffs and slugging potential with Sloppy Butcher. Even though the Obsession gets an altruism buff, they cannot always be available for everybody that needs them, and those buffs don’t help the Obsession if THEY’RE the one slugged.

  • Predated
    Predated Member Posts: 2,845

    Dying Light is a pretty decent perk as it is right now, it's biggest change that it needs, is that it doesnt disable the perk when the obsession dies, but that you can no longer gain stacks if the obsession is dead. Similar to how Save The Best For Last works.

    It might need a slight buff in numbers maybe, like reducing the obsession's altruistic speed to 25% instead of 33%, or perhaps even gaining tokens when you hook the obsession(btw, the 9 stack cap on the wiki is a lie, you can gain up to 11 stacks in Dying Light if the Obsession switches, which, might not seem like important, but it is pretty danm important as eating DS can be beneficial for you).

    Maybe even change the percentage per stack by 0.5.

    Dying Light is a fairly healthy perk as it allows you to snowball. People tend to underestimate this perk a lot, I've had plenty of cases where Dying Light turned a 1k into a 4k. People arguing I would have achieved the same goal if I just used Pop instead, but that's the beauty of it, I can use both.