People have a weird concept about what facecamp is


I down this guy next to a door, with all the gens done, and only 1 kill.

i camp him until i see another opening the door (9 seconds), and go chase him, because i know that guy will not be able to reach the other door who was being opened by the last survivor.

but instead of try that, he farmed the hooked guy, and i down both because no-one have BT. both died on hook.

how is that FACECAMP? xd


  • Volfawott
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    Dude at this stage you probably need to realise taking almost anything to survivor say into account is pointless.

    I've had survivor teams swarms the hook like locusts before I could even turned around and then they got super surprised that I didn't leave the hook.

    As long as what you're doing isn't bannable or against any rules do what you need to do to win.

  • Seanzu
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    Well, dead by daylight community don't let go of terms even if they change, it's why "insta heals" despite not being instant are still called insta heals, the same for "infinites" not being infinite but long loops still being called infinites, etc.

  • Yogerman1997
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    edited June 2021

    i know that, and i being reported for everything since 2017

    camping with a opened exit door

    wallhacking "hear locker"

    wallhacking "killer instinct legion"

    wallhacking "hear grass moving"

    wallhacking "hear steps upstars/downstars"

    wallhacking "BBQ&Chilly"

    looping as a survivor

    block windows/pallets as Wraith

    Im not worried about being banned (until they release the next DLC where i hear there will be auto-bans if people report you a lot).

    The true why to make this post, was... try to understand, why this guy think is the same camp him a bit and go down swarming survivors, than just stall still and down the ones tryning to unhook. because for me, there is a BIG difference beetwen both. xd

  • Shaped
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    "i hear there will be auto-bans if people report you a lot"

    ^ If this happens there will be no one left to play the game.

  • pedrolito
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    I'm against any form of camping, but what you described here is just dumb survivors. Or salty survivors... Or both? :p

  • Thr_ust
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    People don’t like accepting when them losing is their own fault so they’ll latch onto anything if it means their ego is protected. It’s the same reason killers (including me lol) complain about swf