Why these Killer Powers Differences


Why the Oni have a Passive power self-filling?

Why the Shape/Nemesis don't?

Why the Plague/Legion lose their power when stunned?

Why the Shape/Oni don't?

Why the Shape can't stalk the same survivor forever?


  • FengisKawaii
    FengisKawaii Member Posts: 309

    Okay look, it´s not like Michael Myers was a good killer or anything (sadge) but if he didn´t have a stalking limit of sorts he could find a potato and just casually charge his tuft+tombstone from them, punishing the rest of the team severely.

    These powers are so different there´s almost no point in comparing them like that^^

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,481

    Wait, Plague loses her power when she gets stunned?

    Shape is considered by many to be outdated and in need of a rework/refresh..

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,503

    Yep, if you stun her with a Pallet, she loses her Corrupt Purge. But only on Pallet Stuns.


    Since you mention Myers, he is outdated. When I started playing, he was ranked as an A-Tier Killer, now he barely makes the C-Tier, there are many more Killers released which are stronger, so his power is not really that strong anymore.

    The only thing which is important is that the Stalk Limit stays. Otherwise you would have one Survivor who feeds him Evil the whole time and the rest of the team is suffering. This can already happen, but at least the outcome is not as extreme as it would be without any limit.

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,481

    Well that apparently never happened to me when playing Plague.. and playing against her i probably never noticed or just never stunned her when having corrupt purge active.. but playing her/against her is so rare that it’s not really surprising I don’t know much about the details..

    the concept of her power seems very interesting, I hope they will rework the implementation though..

  • th3
    th3 Member Posts: 1,801

    Oni only has two stages and when his fury mode runs out of juice it pretty much resets his meter to 0. The passive filling for that is encourage him to be hitting the survivors. Myers has 3 modes and doesn’t regress to evil within 1 after he leaves it. He also has a stalk limit to avoid one person feeding him on stuff like the iri addons which require additional stalk.