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Lifeguard Whistle nerfed....why?

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020

lol. who thought that was a good idea?


  • indieeden7
    indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,329

    It was a very good add-on, essentially free map awareness without any drawback. Even then, 1 metre isn't that much of a difference.

  • Pilot
    Pilot Member Posts: 1,158

    They probably thought it was too oppressive or gave too much information.

    But then again, you have the counterbalance that... you know... it's a purple addon?

    But then again, again, you know. The fact that the portals had to be activated in order to work & placed near the gen... Should've been enough...

    I'm baffled tbh. I have yet to see a Demo use these addons, or see a demo in the first place. Didn't use it myself either as I didn't feel like it was super powerful as placing portals near a gen it's already super mega dumb since the survivors doing the gen will 110% cleanse the portal and not just leave it there since it makes you oblivious, makes a lot of noise and give's demo a fast travel point to your location. I'm convinced they don't know that cleansing portals is one of the best ways to counter Demo...

    Not mentioning I will simply not just place a portal near a gen and go to a portal just for the sake of it to activate them. I prefer to leave them hidden....

  • TheClownIsKing
    TheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Please, c’mon. Lifeguard Whistle turns the match into easy mode. It’s very strong with smart portal placement. It needed the nerf.

  • TAG
    TAG Member Posts: 12,868

    I wouldn't use add-on rarity to justify something potentially being OP. It's not like add-ons are that hard to acquire if you actually go out of your way for it.

  • Haddix
    Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
    edited June 2021

    Yeah? Made Demo better than Nurse, Spirit, Blight, etc? Stronger than his Shred addons?

    I don't think so man. Lifeguard whistle was just fine. I never saw a single Demo run this because every Demo ran the ACTUAL good combo of Black Heart and Barb's.

    Even then...so what if it's strong? Neat, an addon is actually good for once (Still, not even his best lol). I'd much rather have a Demo run that than run Shred addons. Now there's even less variety for Demo. Awful, awful change.

    I should add...Even then though, even if this addon was actually overperforming and make him better than the top killers, it's still the exact same strength when it comes to gen tracking. It's not even a good nerf to the "easy mode" way to use it. It's just a random, unnecessary nerf that doesn't make sense.

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