Is the spirit aware of what she is doing?

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So her lore doesn't put her as a killer as such but a victim of her father but the entity apparently took her due to her desire for vengeance against her father but the survivors are not her father. Which begs the question is she even aware of what she's doing?


  • Anniehere
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    It's probably like any horror story where the character wants revenge but doesn't care who gets hurt.

    Also, could it be that the entity is using manipulation and causing her to kill innocent people and in return she will be able to see her father again (?)

    Spirit is very furious which makes me believe that she wants revenge on everyone, apparently she lost faith in humanity after what happened to her.

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    Isn't it in Deathslinger's lore that the Entity makes him see Survivors as the men that killed him or whatever?

    I'd imagine it's something similar to that for Spirit.

  • Squirrel_Thicc
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    I think she kills due to a mix of entity corruption and her undying bloodthirsty desire for vengeance. She's so angry and loatheful of her fate that she's blinded to what she's become. And the entity played a massive role in manipulating her to become this way.

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    I tend to think she's psychologically "frozen" in the moment of blinding rage and hate the Entity took her in. Which also explains why her body is still in pieces despite moving and walking. It needed her just like that, so she's stuck that way and has no real sense of reason.

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    No, she isn’t aware of what she is doing. The theory is that the killers with glowing eyes are seeing the survivors as those who that killer hates. In this case the spirit is probably seeing the survivors as her father.

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    blind rage is a good explanation.

    edit: literally, since phasewalking.

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    Oh yea the nemisis is a spitting image of chivalry.

    Same for doc.

    I guess they are not wrong.

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    Doctor doesn't have entity touched eyes. They are white just cuz of electricity coursing throught them. And Nemesis doesn't count either as he's licenced and already had glowing eyes before being taken by the entity.

    The only killers with entity touched eyes are Slinger, Wraith, Hillbilly and Spirit.

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    THat does make sense, though I can't imagine what they would look like without them.

  • Laluzi
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    I've always liked the entity-touched eyes idea, but I don't think it applies to Spirit. Going off folklore, the Spirit is most likely an Onryo. She's a type of vengeful spirit that's incredibly dangerous, so full of rage over her violent death that she'll indiscriminately destroy everything around her, not just the target of her vengeance. They're most characterized by their insatiable wrath, which is pretty emphasized in the Spirit's lore, perks, etc.

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    I have never bought the “touched-entity eyes” theory, as using a single cosmetic design that could be used for any character for any number of reasons is not enough to confirm a theory that at best, is maybe implied for one Killer, Deathslinger.

    Also, her power descriptions shows, that like many spirits and onryo from other fictions, she attacks the living as a sort of “revenge against the world” motive:

    The Spirit draws her power from their wrath, haunting the living as retribution for her suffering.

    It doesn’t help that thorough her facial expressions, she is clearly trapped in a state of extreme emotion, so she is not in the state of mind to rationalize her actions.

  • Laluzi
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    I think the Entity-touched eyes idea spawns from two killers, not one - the Deathslinger and the Wraith. They're both people that have killed out of rage, and have been pushed to their breaking point, but aren't murderous at their core and there isn't a clear reason why they're attacking indiscriminately in the realm.

    OTOH, you have the Hillbilly with the same glowing eyes, and he doesn't need an incentive to kill everyone - he's like the Twins and the Huntress, where his upbringing has caused him to be universally hostile. You also have killers like the Artist who also lack a clear reason for killing survivors, but don't have white eyes (even if she does have altered eyes.) And the Spirit is just something else entirely.

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    Billy isn't like the twins and huntress, he very clearly knows right from wrong. He killer his family who imprisoned him and the cops who abused him and used him, but that was it, he idolized superman, and wanted to be good.

  • Laluzi
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    I disagree. He did idolize Superman, and he knows how life is supposed to work from the TV, but any idealism he had was broken by his constant abuse and he was disillusioned that a hero never saved him - he had to become his own savior.

    His only experience with real people is his family and the corrupt police force that backed them up. He's frightened of people coming to lock him away. It is a very natural assumption that everyone's out to get him. He kills to stay free. I'm not saying Billy isn't a victim, he one hundred percent is, but so are the Twins and they'd still kill without the Entity's influence.