Why are the Killers so tall

lugZas_exe Member Posts: 57

I mean there are some smaller ones like Pig or Legion. But for example Wraith is way taller than every Survivor. Is just he so tall or does the Entity make em tall so that he looks more frightening ?


  • They gotta be intimidating

  • Miles
    Miles Member Posts: 461

    he is just tall.

  • TacitusKilgore
    TacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,380

    We can assume the size of the killers is increased the more the entity has influenced them, in a sense they are coursing with power bestowed upon them and it increases their size.

  • En3ermost
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    Comparing their official in game models inside programs like SFM or blender, the tall ones all appear to be 7'0 and more so they 100% had to be modified by the Entity to be taller.

    Even some licensed ones became way bigger due to the Entity's powers as Original Myers was 5'10 and Leatherface was 6'4.

    Also normal humans like Clown, Trapper and Doctor all look like regular sized individual in their tome cutscenes before being taken into the Realm.

    The only exception I believe is Hillbilly which clearly towers over the chief officer and looks much bigger than his parents when sitting with their corpses on the couch even before being taken by the Entity.

    Regarding Wraith specifically, we don't see him as an adult in cutscenes but I highly doubt he was 7'0+ tall in the real world, as 7 footers are exceptionally rare, being just 0,000038% of the world population.

  • R1ch4rd_N1x0n
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    I think they were just naturally tall, as not all Killers are that tall.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
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    Good diets and plenty of exercise.

  • Miles
    Miles Member Posts: 461

    why would it. They arent even that tall, atleast not inhumanely tall besides demo and nemesis, who are in fact not humans

  • GuyFawx
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    Map presense is why so even in the fog some players can make out if its a killer or survivor

  • Squirrel_Thicc
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    Entity make killer stronk

  • LunarShadows
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    Entity probably knows that bigger killers are more intimidating and so makes them that way to bring more fear to survivors