I feel like Yun-Jin's lore has gotten less credible as it's been expanded

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First off, don't get me wrong. I completely understand that her driving motivation is to stay employed and that she has reasons not to turn in the Trickster even if she does suspect him; it would stain her name and ruin her career. And I like her that way - she's not a bad person, but she's not a good one either. We could use some less unambiguous altruists in the survivor roster. And three entries in this rift haven't been released yet, so who knows, maybe it'll all come together.

But. Previously, the basis of Yun-Jin's suspicion was thus: there was a string of murders following the band around, completely unconnected to Ji-Woon. Then she came in one morning, where he was already there and looked exhausted, and in the weird screamy intro to one of his new music tracks, she heard a scream that she identified from a missing persons video. This was seemingly the turning point in their relationship, on both a personal and professional level - but what I like about this hook is that this is something that would be easy to fool yourself into thinking you misheard, that you were imagining something that wasn't there. It's a very tenuous connection and while you can condemn Yun-Jin for not looking further, it's also a very human thing that she didn't want to.

Now, in addition to this, she's got:

-A murder several years ago where she recognized his very exclusive headphones on the suspect footage (so something that definitively happened before the sound clip event)

-Another more recent murder where he was one of the last people seen with the victim and was next seen with fresh scratch marks

-Him constantly dodging and bribing his security detail

-A private soundtrack full of authentic screams, completely unadulterated or passed off as music

-Whet stones and knife cleaning products in his room

-And everything that goes down in the next three entries.

It's gone from less of a disturbing, sleepless-nights sort of possibility that her coworker could be a murderer to the point where Yun-Jin would have to be stupid to think he might not be. Like, she has everything but his signed confession at this rate, and getting the Trickster to put his name on something would be a piece of cake. I'd like to think that at some point, she'd cut her losses and turn him in, because she's too smart to think this can last forever (the Trickster is constantly slipping up and giving clues, he's not good at flying under the radar) and she can still spin herself as the hero if she handles this on her terms rather than the police inevitably busting this open. Or she can drop him immediately and distance herself as much as possible. Something.

I understand that her tension with and distrust of the Trickster is the driving force of her story, and the rift would want to work with that juicy material, but I don't think continually expanding on that one point is improving her overall lore. Sometimes less is more.

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    Was this typed before the newest entries? Seems like Ji Woon has pinned it all on Lucas

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    It was, and it did go a ways in explaining why he got away with it, but I still think it's a bit weaker than before. There's still evidence that points towards Ji-Woon (honestly, did anyone even do an autopsy of Lucas? Would-be murderers don't chloroform themselves. Also, rope burns), and pinning the psycho fan thing all on Lucas only works if Ji-Woon stops murdering people afterwards, which he clearly did not. As soon as the band-related murders pick up again, Ji-Woon returns to being the only common denominator in this whole mess, and self-control is not exactly Ji-Woon's strong suit.

    That said, I think Yun-Jin choosing to believe in her meal ticket when presented with a viable alternative to his guilt fits her character quite well. It's the same thing as before - she's not a trusting person, but she doesn't want to believe that her success in life is built on a disaster and she'll shy away from the possibility out of cowardice. It just makes things weaker in the aftermath, because she already has this laundry list of reasons to think Ji-Woon is suspicious once anything new happens. It doesn't make sense that she doubts Ji-Woon is the killer by the time the events in her original lore pan out.

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    Well written. But that is what makes Yun-Jin a fascinating character. More so than the rest

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    Can someone give me a tl;dr of Yun-Jins lore? The only real thing I know about DBD lore is that Yui almost poked someone with a sharp object

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    Yun-Jin is the manager of Ji-Woon (The Trickster). She is a music industry rep whose career hinges on the continued success of Ji-Woon, but she starts to take notice that there is a trail of deaths that follows Ji-Woon, but chooses to not dig too deeply into it or report him even when it starts becoming fairly obvious as she needs him to keep being a popular recording artist. If he goes down then she goes down and her obsessive need for validation and her pride make her place her career above voicing concerns that something is wrong. She doesn't know for sure that Ji-Woon is killing people, but with the addition of the tome lore that has sort of morphed into potentially a willful denial of the facts at hand.

    You can't have a problem if you don't have to acknowledge it. Lore wise she doesn't have to face up to the fact that Ji-Woon is a psychopathic serial murderer until he gasses a record exec meeting, kills all the execs and starts to come for her next. That's when the entity does her thing and swooped them into its realm.

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    I don't believe Yun-Jin discovers that the Trickster framed his own kidnapping. She saw the knife on the ground, yes, however it was stated that she knew he always carried one with him for "protection". Its shown I believe to further give her an inkling of doubt as to what's happening.

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    I think my main problem with her current lore is that any one of these things is a good hook for her backstory and growing distrust of the Trickster, but all of these things on top of each other start to strain credulity. Like, the story in the Archives, while a little overdone on the part of how many 'coincidences' are stacked up against the Trickster, is a good setup for the story they were trying to tell. The incident in her initial lore blurb was a good setup for the story they were trying to tell. Together, and with the murders continuing after Lucas's death, it's a bit much and it changes Yun-Jin's angle from a very human natural doubt cross desire not to believe in the worst possibility, to blatant denial of facts - especially when they both hinge on the tipping point that's supposed to be where she stopped trusting him and started suspecting him. There shouldn't be two different times when this happens.