DBD lore is awesome

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So, I wanted to take a break from just playing killer for a bit so I decided to deep dive in DBD lore and just relax, and honestly, it's all so cool. So I was wondering, what's your favorite thing about the lore in dbd?


  • Pretty much EVERYTHING.

    I love the whole setup with the Entity and the different realms it forces people into.

    I love how eclectic the characters are in their personalities and backstories. Some killers are sympathetic (ex. Wraith) while some are just straight up evil (ex. Doctor) and some fall somewhere in between (Huntress, Nurse, Spirit...). Some are strictly supernatural while some are based on the grittier slasher genre.

    I also love how all the survivors come from different walks of life and I think they're all likeable in their own ways. (All except Yun-Jin and Michaela. I don't hate them, but their backstories are just kind of meh. Let's see about Jonah.)

    The gameplay is fun (...sometimes...) but I think the lore is what made me stick around.

  • WinterFell
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    Yun Jin and the Trickster is my favorite lore