All we knew about The Entity was wrong (100% TRUE THEORY!!)

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So this is more of a theory I've had for the past years but it's been pretty much confirmed now. Originally the lore that the devs gave us was that The Entity put survivors through trials to feed on their hope right? And also adding a killer making them having a slim chance of escaping each trial.

Well, I actually think that The Entity is feeding on the killers hope instead, and survivors are just a way to trick killers into thinking they are in control, but over the years The Entity has been giving survivors more and more ways to escape meaning that the killers are actually the ones being punished.

The addition of boons pretty much confirms it. Why would the entity give survivors enough power to BLESS things? since when did the entity become so soft? In fact I think The Entity might have even turned good, considering it punish killers. I wouldn't even be surprised if Survivors could get in and out of the realms as they please, only going in when they're bored to bully someone and then going out when they don't feel like playing anymore.

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    It feeds on both. I believe it's even somewhat represented with score events. Higher "emotional" moments such as a mori kill give more BPs than most invidual actions, because, for the killer, they most likely involve a rush of emotions.

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    Clickbait title, but I'm sure that was intentional. :P

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    "The Entity has been giving survivors more and more ways to escape meaning that the killers are actually the ones being punished."

    Not sure about it. The Entity nerfed hatch and keys, so boons are a little bit compensation for it

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    It's confirmed that the Entity feeds not only on hope, but on powerful emotions in general, which is an entire spectrum.

    And while it's a nifty idea, the lore also directly calls the killers the "servants" of the entity's dark malicious purposes. So I don't think it's possible for a true role reversal here.

    However, it is pointed out that the killers are punished as much as the survivors. The killers who refuse to do the Entity's bidding are tortured endlessly until they can no longer refuse to do so. This is confirmed by the developers in a stream a few years ago really early on in the story of DBD. This is why killers like Trapper look the way they do- because they were mutilated and tortured, forced to do the bidding of the entity. The wounds on their bodies are still clearly visible.

    As opposed to Killers who are mostly unharmed or unchanged- IE Michael Myers, Ghostface or Original examples like Trickster, Huntress, who are for the most part unaltered and uninjured, these are the ones that required little to no incentive to kill for the entity. Due to their own personal motivations, for example it was mentioned that Ghostface was probably the killer that most enjoys being in the realm of the entity and may be one of if not the most evil killer in the roster. He genuinely enjoys murder, and treats it like a game- loving the attention from newspapers and police, and the thrill of not getting caught- killing is exactly like a hobby to him, and one he is extremely meticulous and skilled in. There is not a single hint of guilt in his mind, and the realm of the entity may as well be a playground for his sadistic games.

    Back on track, I don't think the point about Boons is all that significant either and it isn't at all about the entity going "soft" that's the whole wrong way to look at it. The more tools that survivors are given, the more abilities they have, the stronger their sense of hope is and the more powerful their emotions will be on either side of the spectrum. Think about how devastating it would feel, to be provided a sense of comfort and relief from that little blue flame, to be so sure that you would escape, only to have all that hope ripped out from your lungs as you are pulled screaming from the ground and away from the exit gate toward a hook.

    That's how I think it should be interpreted, and it falls perfectly in line with the story we are all told about Dead by Daylight.

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    We already knew this years ago, It feeds on BOTH sides and the boon thing is adding spice basically, like the entity is cooking food and it would add hexes and boons as spices basically, Also ur theory doesn't really change the way we view the entity.