Can anyone help me

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I am sick of the groups the MMR is putting with me. I have 1000 hours on pc, 1000 on xbox.

I play on PC, dont have a mic. Currently rank 3 surv. and cant get out of it! I am being put with people who have less than 100 hours, 1 perk and are really dumb.


  • SwankeyPanst
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    I can play. I'm PC. My Username Is "WatisISO"

  • SwankeyPanst
    SwankeyPanst Member Posts: 3

    I would Just need your Username.

  • Lovesurfbunny
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    Hi, I can help you. I have experience in the game. I have been looking for real teammates, players that want to escape the trial instead of spending the entire match looking for totems. I play on ps4 and also pc.

    Just send invite to Lovesurfbunny on pc, I'm not playing to escape, I'm playing to help my teammates escape.