Incredibly Far Fetched Fan Theory

Bennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

Dark Souls (+ Bloodborne) and DBD are set in the same universe.

think about it:

  • Whenever you die, you return to a fire, but you're still trapped in a cycle of death and loss until you no longer have the will to exist and become a husk (get sent to the void/become fully hollowed)
  • Fog permeates the world.
  • most weapons are comically large.
  • shadowy tendrils are responsible for all the bad things going on.
  • Magic is Blue (boons/sorcery)
  • Time is non-linear.
  • The Entity feeds on emotion. In dark souls, emotion is represented by souls.

I think there's a chance that the entity is a great old one within the dark souls universe. this would also explain the fragmented continuity of the souls games.

Can you think of any more connections?


  • AnObserver
    AnObserver Member Posts: 747

    My headcanon has always been a bit cheeky with the 4th wall by thinking of The Entity as an Omniversal being, Channeled into our Universe by teh Devs and in other Fictional Universes it's an actual force. Such as also possibly being a tendril into the Dark Souls Universe.

    So, yeah sure, if From Software ever put a DBD Easter Egg into a Souls game it would both be an Easter Egg and Canon IMO.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,636

    It's interesting and could work! I quite like the flexibility of the lore and hope it doesn't become too rigid.

    My Head-cannon is it's a part of the Magnus Archives universe, where this is a domain that is a mix of the Hunt, Web and Stranger Deities, but primarily controlled by the Web, which is the spider-like Entity. All the Deities feed off fear, so it gets the nourishment in a never-ending cycle of fear, be it from the survivors fear of death or the killer's fear of failure, but it's a constant gorge of fear for the Entity.

  • ChurchofPig
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    I've considered the entity to be it's own little pocket or dimension, so in a way, I kind of consider it to be canon in every universe there is.

    HOMOGRIMOIRE Member Posts: 43

    I totally thought the same thing. Throw Drakengard/NieR into the mix, things seem more likely. The unseen antagonist god of the Drakengard games has a close relation to flowers, The Flower being it's creation and the final boss of Drakengard 3 and Lunar Tears, bioluminescent flowers that don't seem to need light to grow, are present in Nier bearing a resemblance to The Flower. In NieR:Automata, we learn that machines, influenced by the DrakeNier god, killed their creators, the aliens who were described as infantile and plant-like. I don't know much like Bloodborn/ the Souls games, but I know the Moon Presence has an association with its flowers, and there are infantile gods. The DrakeNier timeline is pretty crazy too, especially when you get into theories about it. The Entity is theorized to be plant-like in canon lore, and has an association with its pustulae flowers and is cross-dimensional like the DrakeNier god. So yeah, The Entity is a Great One. I'm pretty sure that all these Ancient Ones and Great Ones and what not are interdimensional in nature, so like, of course they're set in the same universe, so to speak.