Practice spanish/english while playing on ps4


Hey I'm looking to casually play as survivor while practicing my Spanish. If you wanna practice either English or Spanish I think it'd be cool to practice while in game. My psn is my username, just add me!


  • reegandalli
    reegandalli Member Posts: 6

    heya im born and raised in spain so i could speak using both english and spanish, add me : reegandalli

  • MrWatari
    MrWatari Member Posts: 4

    I need help with spanish por favor

  • Idontknowtbh
    Idontknowtbh Member Posts: 467

    Hey @diamond_life1994 @reegandalli and @MrWatari

    If you don't mind, I'd like to add you.

    I'm spanish, but I speak decent English and could do both.

    My game is in Spanish, so I may translate some perks literally, but I'd love to join