Need SWF cause Matchmaking makes me wanna cry?

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Hi there! Recently with the new matchmaking,I've been really dissapointed within the game.I can not try new perk builds apart from the try hard one and I feel like I am losing interest and forgot what is like to have actual fun on Dead By Daylight.

Due to this event I am looking for old Dead By Daylight players(2-3 years),who have at least small experience on the game to join me to some matches.

I would like them not to be try hard or toxic,just chill and cool people who wanna joke and have fun.Try new builds and maybe die trying or escape the matches.Create silly challenges during the gameplay.

I do not mind if you are male or female, gay or lesbian,if you are a chill person and have the same problem as I do,please comment on this.

I am not looking for the ultimate players that will loop for ages,just people who understand the game,and the game will have a progress instead of dying on first hook.

Thank you for your time,and sorry for this post of desparation.

Have a good day!❤️

p.s. I am a little bit shy myshelf so no worries,meeting new people is awkward for everyone xD

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