The Entity

Virghoul Member Posts: 64

Anyone else think the Entity is Chtulu? I do. ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Tr1nity
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    The entity is Freddy Krueger.

    How can he hit you while your awake? Well, your not. You are asleep, and therefore in Freddyโ€™s world

  • ElusivePukka
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    The Entity, if we were forced to go lovecraftian, would be closer to YogSothoth or Shub-Niggurath than Cthulhu.

    They enslave mortals, feed on psychic energies, and create worlds and homunculi to serve their purposes.

  • Virghoul
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    That is a good call. I also thought it was similar to the Mist in the Ravenloft campaign setting in D&D. If you haven't heard of it, it basically is an unknown , well entity, that is drawn to acts of evil and cruelty. If it takes an interest in a person the Mist will come in and "take" the person to a new realm. The Mist creates duplicates of their home and them watches to see what happens. This seems similar to the special maps some of the characters get like Autohaven for Billy for instance. Just fun to think about.

  • MilManson
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    The Entity is cancer literally.

    There was a video about it.

  • Valik
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    Read Lovecraft. There are a lot of other beings that are far older and more powerful than Cthulhu.

    Besides, Cthulhu is trapped beneath the ocean in a prison of non-Euclidean, otherworldly constructions that require the stars and outer spheres to align like a key to summon him from his unfathomably long slumber within is infernal sarcophagus.

    So... probably not.