Halloween Seasonal Tome Disappointment

ResRattlesnake Member Posts: 28

I understand the Halloween Seasonal Tome was only available to play during it's timed event. Granted, it is closed for good, it should now be a part of the Compendium in the Archives. I believe the three stories are still part of the Lore. Additionally, they are interesting to read on any occasion. My disappointment are two things: (1) it is missing and (2) I have not read two of the three stories. It could be easily added to the right side of the now nine Tome books. There is no need for a number as I believe a DbD pumpkin would be great. Just have it complete for everybody to read the stories at any given time. As a completed Tome book for everyone, regardless if they done everything or not, lock out the event rewards like the Rifts. No one will be able to complete any of this Tome's challenges. The Devs had plenty of time to rework the Compendium to count for this. Additionally, I enjoyed the Seasonal Tome aspect and would love to get more.