HELP ME KEEP MY BITS! (and get BP of course) (crossplay enabled)

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Looking to add some more people to our little DBD group we have going on! We are based in NZ but we welcome absolutely everyone! We play most nights, either on the hunt for bloodpoints or running random af new style custom games XD. I do like to stream in the weekends and we have also just started doing survivor challenges where if less than 3 of us survive, I owe 100 bits to whomever we end up raiding....and my team cost me last night XD.....and by team i probably just mean me because I'm trash haha! But if you guys would like to join in the fun (and help save me money XD) at any time please feel free too. I'm new to this whole forum thing so if this stuff is allowed please remove this post. Will leave a discord link in chat as well as username

jerryfatsax#0172 - discord or if that doesn't work i'll leave these below

jerryfatsax - username and instagram

would love to see yall!