I'm Looking For Players!

MatthewIsOP Member Posts: 1
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I've been lonely on DBD for a long time, I've got nobody to play with and If somebody would like to play with me, thanks a lot. Post your username In the comments If you want to and I will friend request you.

My DBD Username: MatthewIsOP

Platform: PC


  • laurasaxx
    laurasaxx Member Posts: 45

    Do you play on disc? I run a disc (mostly girls) but we've been letting guys join our LFG channel for more groups and such. Plenty DBD action, happy to add you and see if it works out!

    My disc if u wanna add: Saxx#5438

  • GodlyDudz
    GodlyDudz Member Posts: 3

    My discord is watermelon#2475 so you can add me if you want

    my steam if you have it is. Weed Nose

    and my dbd username number thingy is. Weed Nose 8aef