Multiverse Terra Theory

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So this is like half theory half guessing, but I think I've figured some things out about the characters and what "Terras" (as they call them in the lore) they come from. I've always been under the impression that most, if not all, characters came from different terras. The only real exceptions up to this point were the Yamaokas and then Blight, Felix, Twins, and Elodie. However, after watching a video on youtube by... I forget who (I'll look it up later, it was a good video) about the characters and how they were connected, it got me thinking. Are all the original characters from the same terra?

Here's my thoughts. No. I have no reason to believe all original characters are from the same terra. Instead, I believe characters from the same chapter come from the same terra (and if there's a tie between multiple chapters such as the connection between Felix and Elodie, it means all related chapters come from the same Terra). I also believe if two killers share a realm they come from the same terra. To me, it makes sense that, if the entity was going to change up certain places and put them in new locations, they'd be in a place that has already been taken from the same terra. Maybe that might be putting a lot of faith in the entity to not just be like "Let's place mix and match," but that just feels realistic.

Now to keep things simple I'm just going to letter of Terras instead of trying to name them because we don't know what the names of each characters Terra is.

Terra A: Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Dwight, Meg, Claudette, and Jake

Terra B: Nurse, Clown, Nea, and Kate

Terra C: Michael Myers and Laurie

Terra D: Hag and Ace

Terra E: Bill

Terra F: Doctor and Feng

Terra G: Huntress, Plague, David, and Jane

Terra H: Bubba

Terra I: Freddy and Quentin

Terra J: Pig and Tapp

Terra K: Spirit, Oni, Adam, and Yui

Terra L: Legion and Jeff

Terra M: Ash

Terra N: Ghost Face

Terra O: Demogorgon, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan

Terra P: Deathslinger and Zarina

Terra Q: Pyramid Head, Cheryl, James, Cybil, and Lisa

Terra R: Blight, Twins, Artist, Felix, Elodie, and Jonah

Terra S: Trickster and Yun-Jin

Terra T: Nemesis, Jill, Leon, Claire, and Chris

Terra U: Pinhead and Chatterer

Terra V: Mikaela

Most of these given the rules I gave I shouldn't have to explain. However I'm going to explain a few in particular. First off, Terra K and S. I'm sure many know by now, especially if you read cosmetic descriptions or saw the same video as I did, know that Adam's cosmetic that came with Seoul Sights mentioned him taking his students to see a Trickster concert. However I didn't include Trickster and Yun-Jin as a part of Terra K because we know that cosmetics are not canon. As you may have noticed, I only included legendary skins for licensed characters because they'd obviously be same universe, we've seen/played their shows and games.

The other one I want to explain is Terra R. You might have noticed I put Artist and Jonah with our good friends the Pariahs and their respective killers. The reason I did that is because Artist and Elodie both had an encounter with the Black Vale and as of this point, we have no confirmation that they are a multi-terra organization. So to keep things simple, anyone I noticed had a connection to the Black Vale were put in the same Terra.

Anyways, that's my theory about the terras and which characters are from the same terra. Were there any characters with a connection I missed? I'm curious.