Do you think Rin and Sadako would get along?

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Mainly after becoming Onryōs. I’ll leave it open for interpretation.

I’d like to think that they would understand each other and possibly form some type of bond, possibly for the sake of better achieving their own goals. Well, trying to at least, within the Entity’s realm.


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    I thought this was gonna be art by C3

  • Ripley
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    There is more chance they would battle and become one as in Sadako vs. Kayako.

  • Aurelle
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    No. Onryos basically get their power from rage, so I think Rin and Sadako would just fight each other.

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    Protect the spooky bean

  • CharaTheOperator
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    Onryos are angry and territorial. Like others have mentioned, Sadako already encountered another Onryo in Sadako vs Kayako, and in that movie the whole plan was to get cursed by both so the two would fight to get the victim. - The movie is dumb, granted, and the outcome is pretty silly, but I do think that part makes sense. Sadako wouldn't let another Onryo get away with a victim that's already cursed by her, and Rin is simply filled with blind anger.

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    Nope, already happen in Sadako vs Kayako, they're fighting each other.

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    Rin isn't an Onryō in lore she is a wraith.

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    Saduko was born of a woman mating with a Lovecraftian horror - her rageful spirit echoes in the immaterial planes and summon untold powers to extend from outer spheres to extract her vengeance on those who are exposed to the waking shade of her final sigh.

    So... no.