Is The Chatterer's real name "Jim?"

R1ch4rd_N1x0n Member Posts: 1,730

On the DBD wiki, the legendary Killer skin for Pinhead, Chatterer, has his real name stated to be "Jim" on his wiki page. However, I don't quite believe this is correct. The Hellraiser chapter is based on the movies, judging by quotes on Pinhead's Add-ons and Perks. Pinhead's real name on the wiki is given as "Elliot Spencer" which is correct, since the movies do state that as his name. Chatterer's real name in the comics is given as "Jim," but he is never given a real name in the movies. I am unsure whether or not the movies and comics are connected, but from what I've seen, they are not.

So, would it actually be correct to state Chatterer's real name as Jim? Since he's based on the movie iteration of the character and not the comic iteration?