Looking for survivors (EU, PC, 18+) to "git gud" (custom game practice)

JaviiMii Member Posts: 286

Hi everyone :)

First of all: the goal is to have more fun, not to play competitive or increase MMR.

According to Steam I have clocked 400-something hours - though, I probably haven't even spent half of that in an actual match as survivor. I'm at a point where the thrill of everything being new and therefore exciting has worn off. Instead, I now have enough of an idea to know when I get hit/downed because I messed up - but not enough of an idea actually do better, or even know what went wrong in the first place. However, I did have my moments where I knew what I shoud be doing, did it and it worked - and it made the whole match a whole lot more enjoyable than running around like a headless chicken half the time.

Long story short: You have more fun playing the game when you know what you're doing - however, getting there entirely by (oftentimes solo-q) matches is a very frustrating and time consuming way of doing it. There is no "pause" or "rewind" button in a match - no time to take a step back and learn from the mistake(s) that happened.

If that sounds somewhat like the experience you're having right now then I have a proposal for you: Why not get together and spend some time in custom matches to have some fun and practise together?

[[On a side note: I said EU but that's more relevant in terms of time-zones - and maybe in terms of ping. If you're in a different part of the world but we can make it work it's all good :) ]]