Looking to jam with some serious, but level headed players


Looking to jam with relatively skilled survivors that play hard, but also stay calm in all situations. The most important thing to me is I play with people that naturally love learning and growing. Skill does matter, but that isn't the most important quality to me.

I play on PS4, but cross platform isn't an issue. We can do discord or some other voice app if needed.

Here's a recent video of me playing: survivor


Here's a recent video of me on twitch jamming killer:


Here's my PSN Gamer tag:


I love playing killer to learn how to be a better survivor, but I have recently enjoyed leaning into leveling killer too.

I'm in (West Coast) PST Timezone. We don't have to set a schedule to start, let's just link up to jam and see what happens.

Thanks to anyone that may take interest. This game has been a ton of fun to creep towards mastery. I still have a long way to go, but loving the journey!

I go by many names... : )

IRL - Ben

Music World - Serkent Framwell

PSN - StrikeMeDown