The Spirits Yozakura is mis-labeled....can we get some re-work on it?

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As a lover of Japanese symbolic flowers and such i feel that the skin rocks! it being labeled as the Sakura blossom flower? kinda is wrong for the fact the cosmetic is not cherry blossoms it is in fact Higanbana a.k.a "the flower of death" or "hell flower" if you wanted to keep the name or the cosmetic, i would suggest to make sure that the meaning or cosmetic match to a key.....the Lore is of the beautiful meaning behind both japenese flowers are amazing please fix this Behavior!! As for the Yozakura meaning "cherry at night" is not the vibrant red! it's in fact more symbolic to the Cherry Blossoms or "Sakura" meaning "pure white" or "cloud" The Spirit is Fiercer! there for she should definitely be more compared to the Higanbana! as her cosmetic is currently! not the Yozakura! she is painted in the "Flower of Death"or "Hell Flower" known as the Red Spider Lilies! which in my opinion suit her very nicely!


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    FIX IT!!!

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    I agree, this should be fixed!

    Hopefully, this was a simple mistake - not a deliberate marketing choice, as western audiences are far more familiar with some labels over others.