What do you think about the basekit Unbreakable?


Ok, we know it is good to dodge those boring *ss slugs for 4k situations, but do you guys think 45 seconds is too much to fill the whole recover bar? Right now it takes ~30s to make it complete. I wanna see different opinions on this topic. I've also read some comments about snowball killers getting stronger because of the "they can down everyone quick enough so nobody can get the base unbreakable value".


  • Nazzzak
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    I think if they're bringing the new Mori in, then they have no choice. The new Mori mechanic doesn't require hooks to end the game. Basekit UB forces killers to hook. That's all this is IMO. They want the Finisher Mori to be a potential natural occurrence of regular gameplay rather than a forced one.

  • Odawg241
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    I'd say about 90% of the games I play I'm playing Survivor, and even still I think the survivors are given way too many second chances. To balance it out the killer needs a meta-ish perk at base kit also imo

  • dspaceman20
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    At first glance it sounds bad but I'm not sure until I see it in action.

  • Cybil
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    It addresses several issues with the game.

    -No more slugging builds (very unhealthy for the game. Players want to be engaged not have a 3+ minute wait time added to their queue)

    -No more spiting survivors by bleeding them out

    -Prevents weird stalemates where there are no hooks in the area but the killer is camping the survivor's body. Now the survivor is incentivized to crawl towards a pallet and force the killer to make a move.

    -Buffs a handful of niche perks like Tenacity, Flip-flop and power struggle

    A lot of people are choosing to ignore the blatant flaws that were built into DBD and have been stagnating for so long. The DBD we're playing now is not the same game from 1+ years ago and I promise you that what we'll be playing next year will be much different from what we have now.

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  • TheArbiter
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    My only complaint is i need them to rework thr killers that rely on slugging like Oni, Twins, and tier 3 Myers, otherwise it will probably be fine

  • Nathan13
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    I don’t agree with being able to recover without perks, I’m probably overreacting just like I always do when BHVR makes controversial changes.

    I think it’s gonna be a problem for killers like Oni and Twins especially.

  • Duvie
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    The self pickup/Finishing mori stuff sounds interesting. No crazy opinions from me until I get to try it on ptb.

  • fulltonon
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    I can't believe how they managed to choose worst solution to that one specific problem, it affects too much things.

  • Chaos999
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    Unconcerned. I don't think it will affect me that much.

  • Massquwatt
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    While I can't say that I was someone who regularly slugged but removing the ability to slug for pressure in a pinch is bit of a strange move. I get why people hate being slugged and I'm not a fan of any spiteful sluggings myself but it does make me worry a little. Changes like the basekit unbreakable give way more independence to survivors now and while it's yet to seen the idea of needing another person to pick their teammate up effectively wipes out a lot of pressure for the killer. While my worries could be unfounded I think what worries me the most is that if changes continue to head into this direction survivor will eventually be less and less about teamwork and just fall into the binary of being chased/repairing generators since everything else can just be done yourself now. And if it comes down to that then we'll face an inevitable arms race of gen repairing vs gen slowdown.

  • Norhc
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    Should have a significantly longer cooldown.

  • lav3
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    It wouldn't break game unlike some forum users have been saying. Even with Unbreakable.

  • BenOfMilam
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    I'm interested to see how things turn out.

  • humanbeing1704
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    Pretty solid I just hope they adjust the killers who primarily rely on slugging to be effective with a power

  • C3Tooth
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    I think each survivor should share 1 UB. To keep interaction between dying survivor & their teammates.

    Having basekit UB would just make survivors ignore the dying and do Gen only.

  • Tsela
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    Well about the "basekit unbreakable" I think it's a bad idea in the current state because it is NOT basekit unbreakable. Instead is something FAR better. Unbreakable works once per trial, and this is a basekit with unlimited uses. When they designed unbreakable they made it to work once per trial to not completely remove the need to help a teammate up. But with this dying state not being a dying state, it just completely removes the need to help someone up and everyone gets up by default.

    But of course let's wait and see, since it's not even due to the next patch, this idea is faaaar down the road, and even after that it will spend some time on PTB, and by then probably they change it. For now there's not much to say about it. It's in the idea stage, not a finished feature.

  • danielmaster87
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    I think it's a bad idea. Like really bad.

  • Jeromy137
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    I think it is a good idea on paper but if implemented wrong will be bad

    Maybe if they turned it into 50-55seconds for the basekit and make ub 40% speed at tier 3 it would be more fair on both sides

    22.5 is to quick with ub perk boosting especially since we don't know if tenacity will boost it even further and we don't know what they will do with no mither and boon expo reworks yet

    I know they are making this basekit to combat slugging and also combat the new mori system because if all 4 go down it is over

    Edit: I am also tired of everyone calling it unlimited for getting yourself up when it is 4 or 5 times without perks because bleedout timer

    Also you can get up more times because basekit ub is fused with no mither's ability to get up as many times until fully bled out

  • Tsela
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    lol mate....4-5 times is quite large ammount. when we consider it was ONCE per match :)) and 4-5 times on each survivor is quite a bit means 4 survivors get up like 20 times. how long do you think these matches are? you will never bleed out after this. Ever :))

  • ShinobuSK
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    Since it will be heavily nerfed before hitting live, doesnt concern me in the slightest

  • WorthlessBeing
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    It's the worst.

  • Sonzaishinai
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    The basekit version is fine. 45 seconds is a long time to be down a player and can quickly backfire when survivors let their teammates pick themself up

    The unbreakable buff is way to strong though, there shouldn't be any perk in the game that passively shaves off 22.5 seconds from a action without being comboed with something or atleast some hoops to jump through

    Either make it disable itself after picking yourself up once or keep the vallue at 35%

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    I think it is a good idea, it still takes 45 seconds to actually get up and it will avoid a lot of those situations where the killer slugs for the 4k (which I understand due to the hatch) and you spend minutes on the floor while they search for the other guy. I totally understand why killers slug for pressure etc but at least this will reduce the potential length of time you can be slugged as being slugged is annoying and not at all fun

  • Seraphor
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    I'm not concerned about the basekit Unbreakable, outside of the knock on effect it will have to solo survivors, namely that nobody will risk their ass to go for a save that could potentially trigger a finisher Mori when they know their teammate has basekit Unbreakable.

    It's the Mori changes that concern me. I think this change is far too heavy handed, it removes countless gameplay options, and encourages sweaty killer playstyles to secure the finisher Mori. It removes player agency, so that killers can no longer choose when or where to use a Mori, and it removes the opportunity for survivors to make clutch end game plays, which are some of the most fun parts of the game. It's not holding M1 on generators for 5 minutes we play survivor for, it's those close call jukes that get us out the exit gates. Now you get smacked down and the game ends instantly, no hope of a last minute turn around.

    This will make for a much more boring game. Nobody asked for this Mori system, and basekit Unbreakable is only necessary because of it.

  • Jeromy137
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    That is why I was proposing an increased time on the basekit and a decrease % on the perk

    Currently how they have it in the notes you can get up like 9-10 times with the perk added into the mix

    Also I believe other people have pointed out something about if you somehow got all 4 slugged it would just end the game if no one was able to get up in time somehow I would need to double check on that though

  • StibbityStabbity
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    That is correct.

    If all 4 survivors are hooked or slugged, everyone dies.

  • SMitchell8
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    Think it should be once per trial. Problem with that is, solo players might lose track of who's used there unbreakable and who hasn't. Not sure I think infinite unbreakables are a good idea, then again, very rarely do get slugged anyway .....

  • Yogerman1997
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    same for the entity sacrificing everybody in case all them are downed at the same time

    just allow them to use their own anti-slug perks, like Unbreakable, Soul Guard, No-mither, Boil over, Flip flop, Power struggle, Boon: Exponential, idk, there are too many things to solve that.

    The infinite unbreakable makes the killer UNABLE to apply presure by letting survivors on the ground, because NO-ONE will stop working on gens to pick them up, because well, everyone will run unbreakable to halve the time to pick up itself, EASY do gens.

  • AverageAshEnjoyer
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    they should up it to 60 seconds. spending 2/3 of an entire generator recovering seems fair. and besides, there are no situations where you have to slug someone for an entire minute