Teamed up with do nothing survivors, yet as Killer I get tryhard SWF griefers

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I'm at a loss.

I play survivor a ton and am halfway decent in terms of game sense. In solo queue, I'm frequently teamed up with players who seem new or just don't understand aspects of the game.

However, as killer I am frequently placed against teams who are pros at body blocking, flashlight saves, and basically survivors I wish I had on my team. The thing is, I rarely play killer and am not very good. Matchmaking makes no sense.

Is it like that for anyone else?


  • WipeIncGamingYT
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    I play 90% of my matches as survivor and 10% as killer. I am under the same impression as you.

  • Lobos
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    Exactly the same situation for me too. The matchmaking in this game is a joke and never works properly. It's always extremely lopsided in one direction or the other.

  • Lost_Boy
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    I'm significantly better at killer than survivor, but have been playing survivor a lot more recently just because I want to get better and it's more chilled. I'm probably a lot higher MMR on killer, but I do get significantly more skilled teams when playing killer and I'm quite often in very bad solo teams that can't even finish a gen even if I'm like the first person in chase and I might keep the killer occupied for a good 60-70 seconds. I often get left on the hook to go to second stage (which is my pet hate) or have people just suicide on hooks after 1 min in the game. Another favourite seems to be 3 players just trading unsafe hooks with camping killers and before you know it you've soloed like 3 gens, but it's pointless because everyone is on deathhook.

    I would say you probably get like 1 good game out of 8-10 it's pretty frustrating.

  • Rovend
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    MMR works in mysterious ways

  • Fac_attack
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    I also judge a team's competency by how many are not doing gens or anything of value. I keep lots of team aura perks on just so I can confirm 👍

  • Sluzzy
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    I think what happens is that with killer it is very very easy to increase your MMR because of how the game is overwhelmingly unfavorable to survivors. The only survivors that are increasing MMR are those playing in a 4 man SWF that has no life because the game demands that much skill from survivors to even play toe to toe with a killer.

    Killer is extremely easy to win so your MMR increases, even new killers have the game in their advantage. MMR will never work until killers are nerfed and survivors are buffed (easier to finish gens).

  • foxsansbox
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    Honestly, easy explanation. When you're queuing solo, you're guarantying that at the very least you are not in comms and you're not picking your teammates.

    As killer, you remove that guaranteed detriment from the survivors.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
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    As killer, you will probably beat uncoordinated solo survivors that are at your skill level so if the MMR is working properly, it will stop giving you those and match you with higher skilled solos and average or better SWFs.

    As a solo survivor you probably die in more that 50% of your matches. This keeps dropping your MMR until you get to "MMR Hell" where your teammates are a combination of new, bad and others like you that are also stuck in MMR Hell.