3rd time in a row that someone throws the match for an Archive challenge


I think we don't talk enough about how much the Archives hurt solo queue. People who bring Streetwise + Built to Last with a toolbox and spend the entire match breaking hooks, people who bring Urban Evasion and spend the entire match stalking the killer to complete the "hide for x seconds near the killer" challenge and, of course, the warriors who only bring Self Care and spend the entire match hiding in a corner playing air guitar with it.

It's just so frustating when you have 2 other teammates who are actually taking the match seriously and then there's always that one teammate who wants to complete the entire page of challenges in one night.

For BHVR, please on the next tome rework how these challenges work on the survivor side. 90% of killer challenges are stuff like "hit survivors 20 times" or "hook 6 different survivors", you know, things you already do on normal matches and you don't need specific builds or playstyles to complete. This should also be the standard for survivor challenges.


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    It's the same kind of issue of killers v survivors when it comes to blood points earned in game

    As a killer, you are naturally going to always get Brutality, Sacrifice, Deviousness, and Hunting as that is all gotten through regular gameplay

    As a survivor though, what you get is usually dictated by reacting instead of acting. You're always reacting to what the killer does and if the killer isn't giving you what you need, you need to force it

    Unfortunately too many survivors are just incredibly impatient with their challenges and force it no matter the cost to the game. Short of making the challenges just super boring (basically making them just "do gens" challenges), I don't really know how you'd fix it

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    air guitar... hahaahahahahahaha

    yeah, you're right.

    im still waiting for true Offline mode with bots where you can choose how many survivors bots are, who, wich perks they use, same for the killer, the map, etc.

    Where they let us do dailys and archive missions here without hurts others, or screwed by other players.

  • Neltaxis
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    I am one of those players.

    Exiting/killing survivors is optionnal as long as I can do my challenges.

    I play for challenges on every games I play, this one is no exception.

    Challenges are much for fun than the game itself.

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    I also play for challenges since they require you to do other things as survivor instead of gens only. As killer I find challenges much easier than survivor's since they just require you to play the game normally, which is fine.

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    There are survivor challenges that can be obtained through regular gameplay (vaulting in chase, healing injured survivors, working on gens with other survivors). But yes it does seem that a plurality of survivor tome challenges require suboptimal play. I wonder why that is.

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    Yeah either the goal of the challenges is to increase kill rates or the people who design them are so far removed that they don't play the game or don't understand how the game works.

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    Correct me if I am wrong but initially I thought challenges were intended to get players to try out different playstyles, different characters, different perks, practice being chased, etc. Currently there is a ton more knowledge about the game, and a tutorial, so maybe the challenges as a whole need to be reworked.

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    When asked if this would affect the kill rate, the person who said it was 61% and therefore a killer OP said nothing.

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    Yeah. I tried the self care challenge twice, and both times died after gates were powered for being too altruistic. Seems like the only way to get it is to get hit, run away, and spend the rest of the game hoping your team carries. I think challenges should encourage playing well, and this one doesn't.

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    I mean, anything other than doing gens as quickly as robotically possible is frequently termed ‘throwing’ on these forums so they might as well have them all be gen challenges.

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    I really wish there was a ranked/competitive mode where Archive challenges didn't progress. It's seriously annoying as someone who only plays to win.

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    I used to be against making two separate modes but with people throwing every single match because of those stupid challenges I agree with you.

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    edited September 2022

    I run a full rat build anymore: Sole Survivor/Wake Up/Left Behind/Low Profile.

    I'm finding my success in games has almost nothing to do with my perks and everything to do with teammates. If half of my solo games are complete throws between challenges and d/cs+give ups, I can at least salvage most of them with that build.

  • Shaped
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    Hence I stopped doing them.