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which of these survivor perks you used the most


  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    I've been using Sprint Burst cause it's easier. But I wanna get better at using dead hard because I think it's better in chases. The most annoying thing though is how the screen gets because of deep wounds.

    I was playing on Midwich which is already dark and after the dead hard I couldn't see where the opening to a different room was so I died.

  • tippy2k2
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    LITHE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    (even if I keep getting downed after vaulting and taking a damn step through the window...)

  • Aurelle
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    Neither, I use Overcome.

  • kisfenkin
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    Lithe. SB is worthless because you can't run to do anything without wasting your haste. I never used Dead Hard because it always felt like a crutch, and it is even more of one now. Balanced is good but triggering it accidentally happens too often - oh that single step was high enough fall to trigger it...

    Lithe is the best.

  • Shaped
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