Fan Chapter: Heart of the Hopeless (Map, Killer and Survivors idea)

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Hello hello, here is my last fan chapter idea I have (for now at least). This is Heart of the Hopeless, a chapter that I made that is my attempt to connect to the lore a bit more. Idk how well I did, but I’m proud of this one! Let me know what you think! I also really want a werewolf killer.

Map: Bayshore Station (Grave of Glenvale) 

One of the first stations built by Henry Bayshore that helped launch his career as a business tycoon. The station lasted for decades, but a freak accident occurred when the Hellshire gang got into a shoot out with another gang. The trades of gunfire caused a panic and when the Deathslinger’s spear was launched into the track of an oncoming train is when all hell really broke loose. The train was derailed by the spear, killing dozens after dozens. In the end, the Hellshire gang overtook the other gang and left, leaving the massacre behind. The station was closed down, never to be reopened.

(TBH I don’t why I chose Grave of Glenvale to have a new map. I think some older realms should get some love with a new map. Idk if it fits in well with my killer, but oh well. I think an old rail yard would be a cool map)

Killer: The Wolf 

Name: Derek Fitzgerald 

Aliases:  Werewolf, Rougarou

Gender: Male  

Nationality: Caucasian American

Realm: Grave of Glenvale (Bayshore Station) 

Power: Lycan Curse 

Weapon: Cursed Claws 

Speed: 4.6/115 

Terror Radius: 32 Meters

Height: Tall 

Appearance: The Wolf is large and menacing humanoid creature. His body is lanky, the grey-tinted skin pulled tight around his ribs and stomach. His arms and legs are long, muscular, and powerful. Heavy brown fur rest around his neck and up his head. His face is wolf-like, long canine ears, long muzzle, razor sharp teeth, and glowing yellow eyes. Pieces of clothing hang to his torso. His glowing eyes will flash wildly as he will snarl and look for a his next prey. But sometimes, his eyes will snap back into more human-like eyes, his demeanor will flip to something more scared and nervous, looking around quickly as if looking for a way out then quickly changing to his more ferocious demeanor. 


Derek Fitzgerald just wanted to fix his life. Derek grew up with a tough life; abusive parents, terrible neighborhood, and everyone turned a blind eye to him. He dropped out of high school the first week of being there and mostly spent his youth partying with friends and sleeping on different couches. He eventually got caught up with the wrong crowd and spent years be addicted to a whole slew of drugs. When things went from worse to even worse, he found himself unable to pay back his drug dealer, so he found a solution in the form of a convenient store and a loaded handgun. He robbed the place, but didn’t get far, the cops tracked him down and he was arrested on the spot. After the trial, he was given 25 years for armed robbery, assault, and drug use. The years in the prison took a toll on him, and after the first ten, he pleaded for a way out. After another five years, he was released for good behavior, and sent to a rehabilitation center. He spent the next few years there, getting clean and his life together. With help, he was able to gain his GED, and find different odd jobs to earn money. The now middle aged was actually happy with himself for once. Then came one night, a woman from his old life came to visit. He hadn’t seen Cassandra in years, but Derek can remember all the parties they went together to and substance that had snorted and injected into themselves. But the she gotten involved in some weird cult before disappearing on everyone around her. But now Cassandra was clearly on some kind of substance, blabbering about rituals, magic, a monster appearing, her cult members being slaughtered and a black fog. Along her arms Derek can see some arcane symbols carved into her skin as she begged him to help her please her lord. He brushed her off, saying he has been clean and not wanting anything to do with her, his old life or her “lord”. The woman went livid, screaming at Derek of never knowing what true horror is before suddenly tackling the man down. A sharp stab of pain hit Derek as he landed in the ground hard, his vision blurring. He barely was able to register the pain in his arms when he finally gain enough sense to yank his arm away free and push Cassandra off of him. His forearm was now bloody, marked with symbols into it. Derek yelled at Cassandra as the woman laughed in hysterics, quickly running away as she screeched over the final offering she had made. Derek made his way home to patch up his arm and rest. The next day, he learned from the news that Cassandra had committed suicide, her body found in a nearby park, her wrists slit open, the knife in her hands and with that same deranged smile she had the night before. Derek was shocked but managed to not let it bother him too much...until the night of the next full moon. He felt sick and sore the entire day, and tried to turn in early, but finding it harder and harder to sleep. His body felt like as his bruises were growing both in and out of him all over. Finally he went to stand and felt the bones in his legs snap. He fell to the ground in pain, and bones in his body breaking apart, moving around and reforming. His muscles tore apart and reassemble themselves. His skin ripples and warped, thick hair growing from every inch. The last thing Derek remembering seeing was the reflection of his own body horror in the mirror before blacking out. The next morning, he awoke in his bed. Strained and in pain, but somewhat okay. He tried to forget his dream...that is until he realize his body was covered in dried blood, as is his bedsheet and carpeted floor. He panicked and cleaned up the blood, the image of his body transforming replaying in his mind. The news told him of a body found mutilated on the steps of a church. The man was identified Albert Green, the warden of the nearby prison. Derek’s old prison.

Derek was horrified from what he had learned, knowing very well it was him that killed the warden. He decided to work on a plan to find a safe place before the next full moon. The next night was not a full moon, and yet Derek transformed again. The morning came, more blood and reports of some preteens found torn to shreds by a wild animal. Derek packed his bags and left, not looking back. But everywhere Derek went, news of deadly animal attacks went with him. Finally, Derek went off the grid completely fleeing up to the far west, making his way through the endless deserts of Arizona. He eventually found an old and abandoned train station to call home. No one seem to have been here in decades, much to Derek’s relief. The beast within Derek quench his thirst for killing by slaughtering the wild life here, from deer to javelina and coyotes. But Derek could feel in the back of his mind, a hunger that was not satisfied. Every day, Derek grew more and more anxious that a traveler might appear and the beast within will strike. Then the final night came, Derek was laying on the station floor, his body beginning to transform, bone breaking, muscles tearing, and skin warping, all pain he grew accustomed to. Then all of the sudden, the transformation froze. And it hurt. His body stopped mid-shift, bone still broken to pieces, muscles torn to shreds, skin burning, and no recovery. It was agonizing, through the pain, he just stared at the scarred symbols of his arm. He did notice a fog began to slowly creep into the cave. A voice whispered to him, a way to stopped the pain, to be able to satisfy the beast within him, and know that death was not permanent. Derek barely listened though, all he would really heard was a way to stop the pain, so he accepted. The pain cleared and the fog thickened.

Weapon: Cursed Claws 

The Wolf uses his long and sharp claws. After hitting a survivor, The Wolf will either let out a short howl or a soft whine. 

Power: Lycan Curse.

Inflicted with a cruel curse and enhance by the Entity, the Wolf is a perfect killing machine. 

Special Abilty: Warning Howl

Use the secondary power to allow The Wolf to perform a loud howl, that can echo across the trial. Survivors who are in within 30 meters of the Wolf’s non-directional Howl will gain the Exhausted status for 20 seconds. The Wolf cannot move while Howling but will be gain the Undetectable status for 10 seconds after the howl is over. 15 second cooldown. 

Special Ability: The Hunt 

The Wolf will enter a predatory rage using the power button. While The Hunt is active, The Wolf’s movement speeds increases its movement speed to 6.0 m/s or 150%.

While The Hunt is active, press the secondary power button, allowing the Wolf to charge up a powerful leap. The wolf is able to leap 18 meters at a time in the direction pointed at. Can not change directions while mid-leap. Leaps can be used to jump over obstacles, walls, props, over pallets, though windows and instantly break through Breakable Walls. 

While The Hunt is active, attacks will instantly inflict the Hemorrhage status. Will no longer be able to see Scratch Marks, but Pools of Blood will be highlighted while The Hunt is active. 

The Hunt lasts 12 seconds before entering a short fatigue (3 seconds) and needing 15 seconds to cool down. The Hunt does not deactivates mid-leap. 

Perks: Hex: False Hope, Natural Hunter and Paranoid 

Hex: False Hope: Break your prey’s hope like how your own hope was broken. A hex generator is spawned on the map. The hex generator is highlighted yellow to the killer. Survivors will not know which generator is hexed.  Survivors can work on it like any other generator, but once it’s complete it will glow a red light, will not count for powering the exit gates, and any survivors that come near within 10 meters of the hex completed hex generator will be exposed. The hex generator can be destroyed by cleansing the associated Hex Totem, but, cleansing the Hex Totem will bring all other generators’ progression down by 15/25/35%

“What’s the point in even trying?” -Derek Fitzgerald 

Natural Hunter: You can smell the blood in the air, you know where to look. Become obsessed with one survivor. When a survivor causes a generator to explode, they become the killer’s new obsession. The obsession’s grunts of pain and footsteps become 25% louder. Trails of blood and scratch marks will become brighter and last longer. The obsession’s bleeding frequency will increase slightly/moderately/considerably.

“You don’t understand! The horrors I seen! Perhaps the only way you could understand if I make you experience those horror myself!” -Cassandra 

Paranoid: Survivors who search a chest or pick up an item while outside the killer’s terror radius will gain the Oblivious status for 10/20/30 seconds. When a survivor depletes or drops an item, they will scream, revealing their aura for 3 seconds.

“I tried to end it. I loaded so many bullets in my mouth and poison in my system that I can still taste the metal and chemicals. The beast in me just spits them out. I can’t stop it” -Derek Fitzgerald 

Mori Killing: The Wolf dives on top of of the survivor and proceed to savagely rip his Claws into the survivor’s torso, the survivor screaming and struggling as blood and pieces of flesh fly out, until finally the survivor stops moving all together. The Wolf then backs off, looking down at his bloodied claws and back at the dead survivor with his ears down and whimpering, looking remorseful and horrified before snapping back into a predator stance.

Survivor: Julian Balik

Role: Studious Psychic Twin

Gender: Male 

Nationality/Ethnicity: Turkish American

Appearance: Julian has long, wavy, dark black hair, combed back and looking neat.  He has a somewhat athletic body, with light Olive skin and dark brown eyes. He wears a a white long-sleeved shirt with an light blue vest over it (the vest has the emblem of the college he goes to). He wears black slacks and black dress shoes. He also wears a gold chain bracelet.

Backstory: Julian Balik and his brother Nolan were only children when the discovered some old books their parents had owned. Hidden away in their basement, the twins found them in a secret crawl space. These old books had arcane writing on them, filled with symbols, glyphs and unknown languages. The symbols and glyphs looked fun the the twins and they began to draw them themselves. They parents had caught them and swiftly took the books, given them both a scolding.  But at that point it was too late. Something in Julian and Nolan changed. They gained unique gifts. They were able to speak to each other without every openly theirs mouths, no matter how far they were from each other. They could see events that have a possibility of happening. With the symbols they had already drawn, they were able to use them as good luck charms. It was something the twins had bonded over, This strange power the symbols gave them. A night came that changed that. Julian was in his bed when he heard the screams of his parents and Nolan. A burst of images filled Julian’s mind from what Nolan was seeing. A black fog, wrapping around their parents, pulling them into nothingness. Julian burst out do his room to find the front door open, the fog already disappearing, and Nolan on the ground shaking. Their parents were gone, reported missing, but never found. Something changed on Julian’s and Nolan’s relationship. Nolan became more focused in his powers, concentrating on how to use them. Whatever he saw take their parents, was something dangerous. Nolan felt they needed to be ready for it. Julian on the other hand did not. Julian felt scared after what their parent’s disappearance and the images he saw in his mind. He wanted to use the symbols less. After they were sent to their grandparents, Nolan began to care less for school. Both brothers use to have amazing grades, but Nolan’s began to slip. Julian began doing volunteer work while Nolan was suspended for vandalism at their school. Julian began tutu tong while Nolan was banned from a local store for stealing. It went on and on. Julian try to talk to Nolan repeatedly, but Nolan shut him out both physically and mentally. It got to the point where Julian and Nolan rarely spoke unless have to. Julian found himself using his abilities less and less while Nolan used his more and more. Never had Julian felt so disconnected from his brother. So when they both graduated and left the house, Julian decided to give his brother space while attending his college. Julian moved out and found a friend/roommate with a young woman named Mikaela Reid who had a fascination with witchcraft and horror. Julian and Mikaela instantly became bests friends as lived together. Julian worked in his degree in psychology, both in a way to hopefully help others as a therapist and to perhaps find more info of his and his brothers abilities. While working on his major, he also decided to minor in videography. Using what he learned, he filmed Mikaela’s open night mics at the coffee shop she worked at, catching the stories she would perform. After cleaning them up and some editing, he posted some of them online. But one day, he notice a video audition for the Endless Halloween Festival, where renown storytellers performed on stage for Halloween. Julian closed his eyes and concentrated hard, not having used in abilities in a long while. He caught a glimpse of Mikaela standing in stage at the Endless Halloween Festival. Excited, he immediately submitted one of her best videos to auditions page. It didn’t take long for Mikaela to find out as she hugged and thanked Julian multiple times before setting out for her masterpiece story. As Mikaela worked in her story, Julian began trying to use his abilities to speak to Nolan, but with no prevail. A barrier that Nolan created proved difficult to get around and even when Julian found ways, they were ignored. Of course it might also be because Julian became so out of practice with his abilities, he couldn’t but help wonder what Nolan was doing with his. A night came Julian found a package on his bed. Confused on how it got their since Mikaela or him haven’t been nome all day, he opened it. To his shock it was his parents books, with the arcane symbols and glyphs. Feeling a sense of unease, he tried to contact his brother. After that failed yet again, he stared at the books. Deciding to take a changed, he opened one up and concentrated. After finding what he though would be the symbol he wanted, he carefully drew it to his hand. He closed it eyes and tried again to his brother. But again nothing happened. Sighing, he washed off the symbol and tucked the book away, deciding not to mess with them again. While Julian was sulking in his mess of a relationship with his twin, he failed to notice Mikaela’s stress until the night she screamed herself awake. Frantic, Julian ran to see if she was ok and she broke down, talking about the nightmares she been having and how they been zapping her energy. Mikaela asked Julian to film her the next night while she slept to see if something unusual happens. Julian agreed of course. But has the next day went on, anxiety plagued Julian’s spirit. He could see just barely there visions of something dark and evil swirling around him. A tugging at him like something wanted him badly. Want him to hurt. He brushed it off as he own emotions over his brother or perhaps feeling his brother’s negative emotions to him. But something kept nagging at Julian that something bad was going to happen soon. Night came as Mikaela curled up for bed and Julian set up the camera. Julian bunkered in, expecting a long night. But things took a turn, as Mikaela began to twitch violently before levitating off the bed. Julian watched in horror as he grabbed her and try to shake her awake. But the next moment he found himself staring just a distance away, watching spider-like appendages descend from a black mist to grab at Mikaela. He was in her dream. Before Julian could figure out what to do, the creature had notice his existence. Immediately it turn, leaving Mikaela alone and rocketing toward Julian. Julian screamed and braces himself when he was thrown back into the real world. Frantic over what he saw and Mikaela’s levitating body, he grabbed his phone to call an ambulance when a crash got his attention. He looked down the hallway and saw a large, spidery fang slam through the bathroom door. The rest happened so fast, Mikaela waking up, and quickly slamming her door shut, Mikaela yelling, the lights suddenly shutting off and endless silence. Eventually the light came back on and the two ventured out the hallway. The spider-like fang was gone with no signs of it ever being there. But Julian’s camera was still recording. The two silently decided to return to their own rooms and call it a night. Julian mind was racing through the nights unable to sleep well. He had listen to the strange sounds from the video of Mikaela’s levitation and the thing that attacked. Julian felt that thing’s energy. Evil and hungry. He desperately sent message after message to Nolan with the memories of what had happened, hoping he might know something that can help or even come and help with this. But no response. Sighing, Julian decided to post the video online, hoping to get an answer there. He thought of the symbol he had drawn in on himself. Did he summon this creature to them? Was this his fault? Like what happened to their parents? Julian eventually fell asleep to the beat of his anxious heart. But his dreams were far from restful. A black mist swirled around him, the spider-like fang was plunging at him as he ran. He glance back to see the spider-like fang’s appearance flickered into different human-like beings chasing after him. He glance again to see a white mask with a disturbing creepy smile. He forced himself to not look again as the sounds of a toiling bell melted into a roar of chainsaw came behind him. Pain erupted from his back as he fell and was immediately lifted up. He let out a silent scream as he open his eyes to see himself floating off his bed. The black mist had lifted him off his bed and was his holding him tight. He screamed his thoughts to Nolan as the black mist slammed him down back on to his bed and swallowed him whole. The next day after returning from her morning shift, Mikaela found that Julian wasn’t there.

Perks: Symbol of Restoration, Boon: Symbol of Harmony, and True Vision 

Symbol of Restoration: You find ways to fix what is broken. Start the trial with 1/2/3 tokens. Press and hold the active ability button while near a breakable wall or a pulled-down pallet for 10 seconds, placing a symbol on to it and consuming a token. After the killer destroys the wall or pallet, it will rebuild itself after 100 second. Once all tokens are consumed, Symbol of Restoration deactivates for the rest of the trial. 

“I try not to use these symbols, but I’ll admit this particular symbol is nice when I broke something and panic…” -Julian Balik 

Boon: Symbol of Harmony: A boon that creates a calming presence. Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 metres. Survivor within this boon’s radius will completely suppress grunts of pain, hide pools of blood, and resist the urge to scream. In addition, crows within the boon’s radius will not be disturbed at all. Effects linger 6/8/10 seconds after leaving the radius. 

“I know I’m not really suppose to use them? But this particular one helps me calm down and ease some stress of my mind…” -Julian Balik 

True Vision: You were given the ability to see the truth of evil. Gain the ability to see the killer’s scratch marks. The Killer’s dull scratch marks last 6/8/10 seconds. 

“I didn’t give up! I just know when the truth is right in front of me and the truth is that we are way over ours heads!” -Julian Balik

Survivor: Nolan Balik

Role: Misfit Psychic Twin

Gender: Male 

Nationality/Ethnicity: Turkish American

Appearance: Nolan has long, wavy, messy dark black hair, rarely ever combed. He has an athletic, hairy body with light Olive skin and dark brown eyes. He wears a stretched out, dark purple tank top hoodie and black shorts with dark purple sneakers. He wears a silver chain bracelet, a tattered black drawstring backpack and sports a black eye.

Backstory: There were many different incidents that changed the lives of both Nolan and Julian Balik. The first is when they found some old books in their parents’ basement. They didn’t know the what the symbols were, but they looked fun and they drew them all over themselves. That lead to the second incident that changed their lives. Nolan and Julian began to be able to hear each other’s thoughts, see glimpses of the future, and create real Good luck charms thanks to the symbols. Everything felt magical and fun for the twins as they grew older. Then the night came, Nolan had fallen asleep in his bed, doodling the symbols on some paper. Vivid and terrifying nightmares came to Nolan, forcing him awake. He came to his parent’s room, crying. They quickly got up to comfort him, taking him to the living room. Nolan began to notice how dark it was outside, almost pitch black. Suddenly the darkness moved, as the door broke open. Everything happened so fast, the fake mist swirling, spider-like fangs coming down and grabbing his parents, his screams, their screams, he can sense his brother waking up from his room. And almost at once, everything stopped. Julian burst into the room and their parents were already gone. That incident held the biggest change to Nolan’s heart. He remember his parents warned them if the symbols, telling them they are not something to mess with. But the twins didn’t think it would be that bad. Was it their fault for what had happened? Nolan wondered and he knew Julian felt the same. They were sent to love with their grandparents, and expected to come it’s with life like normal. But Nolan knew normal was long gone. He didn’t care for school or normal anymore. He focused on the powers the symbols had given him. Using what he knew to try and find where that thing took their parents. Of this was really their fault, they needed to fix it. Julian though disagreed. Julian wanted to try and continue their lives and being “normal”. A rift was torn between the twins and grew more and more. Julian became the gold star honor student while Nolan was barely lucky to graduate high school. When the two move out from home, Julian went to college and moved in with a roommate while Nolan left to couch hop between friends. Nolan did everything he could to severe connections with his brother, both physically and mentally. Nolan blocked Julian on social media and phone numbers. He refused any chance to see his brother and used his abilities to create a barrier between his mind and Julian’s mind. Of Julian rather be “normal” and not help him find out what happened to their parents, then there was no Julian and Nolan Balik anymore, just Nolan. Nolan spent his days sleeping on couches, doing odd jobs for money, stealing and finding out what he could on what he saw took their parents. Of course his abilities made it a bit easier, being able to predict where certain people will go or use the good luck symbols to his advantage. Of course he would be easier if he knew where their parents’ arcane books went…

One night a friend of his begged him to go down to a local concert and work to pickpocket scheme. Knowing he needed the money, he agreed. It was like taking candy from a baby. Nolan’s powers grew so much, able to see sparks of memories in peoples eyes, seeing where exactly their money were hidden on their person and if he had a chance to take them or not. The night went on and Nolan had a very good haul coming along, different wallets, coin purses, credit cards and cash. Nolan moved to his next target when something came over his vision. Something from his brother. Now this wasn’t anything new. Every once in a while a vision or message from his brother would sneak pass his barrier and into Nolan’s mind. Nolan would usually ignore them and carry on with his life…but this was different. This was violent and he felt his brother emotions hammer on to him. Fear, panic and horror. Images of a levitating young woman screaming at the top of her lungs, black spidery fangs lashing out and an endless dark mist flash between his eyes. He gasp in shock as he came back to his own reality, only to meet a fist connecting to his face and him being knocked to the ground. He got caught pit pocketing a large burly man who glared at him angrily. Ignoring the pulsing pain in his eye, he fled the concert, his friend’s voice barely register over the sounds of the band playing. Nolan didn’t care, and for once in years, he only thought of his brother. When Nolan reach the front steps of the house he was staying at for the week, he sat down on the steps and concentrated on his brother, shoving aside the barrier to speak to him. And he got nothing. He tried again and again through out the night until he ended up passing out, but still nothing. In the morning Nolan went to Julian’s college to speak to him in person for the first time in years. Nolan quickly learn that Julian had not shown up for classes that day. After speaking with some of Julian’s professors and classmates, he use his ability to look through their memories of Julian and was able to piece together a rough idea where his apartment was. He search different apartments complex and eventually found where Julian Balik and his roommate Mikaela Reid lived, but soon learn neither of them were there. Nolan managed to sneak into the apartment and take a look around, the images from his vision flash from into his mind as he looked through the apartment. Finding his brother’s room, he discovered a recording of that night’s events happening and he try to concentrate on them. And scene flashed in his mind, a scene of his brother in his room, posting the recordings online. His brother looked exhausted and drained as he post the recording. He watch his brother close down the tabs and sigh, rubbing his face when something came across Julian’s window. A black mist poured from the cracks of the window as Julian was distracted. Nolan scream out Julian’s name as the black mist engulfed his brother and everything turn dark. Nolan gasp as he woke back to reality. Something took his brother. He search for anything that could possibly give him a clue when he found one; the package that contained their parents arcane books. He mind swirled as he stared at the books, a sense of unease came over them. Why did Julian have the books, he hated the what the symbols did to them. Something wasn’t right. After some more searching, he found videos of Mikaela  performing stories and the the submission to the Endless Halloween Festival. Realizing Halloween was tonight, Nolan left the apartment and hurried as fast as he could to the festival. He needed to speak to this Mikaela person and see what she knew. After stuffing the books into his bag, he snuck out the apartment quickly and hurried off. By the time he got there, he arrived in time for the crowd’s cheers as a black fog left the stage. Mikaela Reid was gone. From the back of the crowd, he gaze toward the the moonless sky where the fog went. He ran from the festival following the fog, deeper and deeper into the woods. He had to know what happened to his brother and his parents but the fog was already disappearing. Desperate, he grabbed an arcane book from his bag and through it open, carving down different symbols into the ground itself. He didn’t know which symbol did it, but The fog suddenly descend down, swirling through the woods around Nolan. Images of faces flash through his mind as he stare at the black fog. Julian, Mikaela, and dozens of other people he never seen before. The fog swallow him and Nolan Balik was gone. 

Perks: Symbol of Reality, Boon: Symbol of Protection, and Fighting Spirit 

Symbol of Reality: Everything is not what it seems. You know this the best. Start a trial with 3 tokens. Press and hold the active ability button while in a locker for 10 seconds to place a symbol. When ever you enter different locker and stay in it for 3 seconds, you will be teleported to the marked locker. This will consume a token and once all

Tokens are consumed, Symbol of Reality deactivates for the rest of the trial. Each time you use a locker to teleport, you gain the Oblivious status for 60/50/40 seconds. 

“The particular symbol I try to use sparingly. Makes me dizzy and disoriented after use but really great for a quick escape” -Nolan Balik

Boon: Symbol of Protection: Life can hit hard. A little protection is helpful. Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 metres. Injured Survivors within the boon’s radius will be protected by the Endurance status for 6/8/10 seconds.  Any damage taken that would put you into the Dying State will instead trigger the Deep Wound Status, after which you have 20 seconds to Mend yourself. Taking damage while under the effect of Deep Wound or if its timer runs out will put the Survivor into the Dying State.

“This particular symbol here I learn can help take the edge off from some pretty nasty hits. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. That’s life though I think” -Nolan Balik

Fighting Spirit: You work hard to be independent and take care of yourself. When hooked by the killer, Fighting Spirit activates. The Killer suffers from the Blindness status for 18/20/22 seconds. If you are affected by the Cursed Status Effect, 30 seconds will be added to both your first and second stages while on the hook. 

“I refuse to stop searching! Just because you gave up, doesn’t mean I have to!” Nolan Balik

Alright! That about does it for Heart of the Hopeless! Please tell me what you guys think? What do you think of the twins Julian and Nolan? (And yes that is the same Julian from Mikaela’s lore. I wanted to expand on it some more) What do you think to the Wolf? I wanted to talk a bit more about the symbols that the Hag uses and I imagine it’s some knowledge the Black Vale already knows about and uses. Please let me know what you guys think!!