Turn off DC penalties

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It is so incredibly unfair that people are getting timeouts for DCing against hackers right now. You cannot keep the DC penalty when the game is so overrun with hackers. It's not right or fair. Your streamers are getting hit the worst and it is really baffling how little you care about that fact. Disable the DC penalties until you get this BS under control. I don't deserve to be punished because someone else was cheating.


  • th3syst3m
    th3syst3m Member Posts: 391

    Game is already unplayable, yet people continue to play.

  • foxsansbox
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    It was a hard pass last time and it's a hard pass now.

  • gilgamer
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    Its unfortunate cause at this point it's damned if you do damned if you don't. I've never liked the DC penalty system but now every time they are forced to turn it off because of some bug then the DCs are a million times worse than it was before and you get at least one basically every game. Now with cheaters as prevalent as they are, it only exacerbated

  • Beatricks
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    BuT tHe GaMe WoUlD BeCoMe UnPlAyAblE!

    So....nothing changes? Go ahead.

  • fulltonon
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    I don't match with cheaters every match though, but I'm sure I would match with DC'ers every match if we turn it off.

  • Carmina_is_cute
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    I'd argue that DC penalties should become harsher since some players still DC on first hook or even first down.

    For the time being, they should just allow some streamers to DC until they fix the hacker issue.

  • Katzengott
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    If they would dissable the penalties again, we would still have to deal with cheaters and even more DCs on top. So... no, bad idea.

  • StarLost
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    No, because that's complete chaos where it's impossible to get a proper game in.

  • lav3
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    I think DC penalty should be more strict and penalizing but honestly hope it turned off until hacker issues are solved.

    Like there were many years when DC penalty didn't exist and people played a lot even if random players can suddenly disconnect.

  • Dead_Harder
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    I mean cheating is not rampant whatsoever. Cheaters are a pretty small minority and it only seems rampant because they target streamers.

    Solution is honestly simple. Give the targeted streamers alone the ability to dc with no penalty and take it away if they abuse it. Gg no re.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    Yh we'd see wayyyy more DCs than hackers. Like shooting yourself in the foot to get rid of an itch.

  • Brimp
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    Not "nothing"... There's still several matches a day where you don't verse an obvious cheater. Yet with the past of no dc penalties I had a dc once every two games if not every game.

  • Dem34888
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    Let penalties be, but reduce time, like max. is 5 - 10 minutes

    A lot of streamers also complaint about DC time, when they left a trial due to cheater(s)

  • BenOfMilam
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    I play against against at least one blatant cheater or very obvious subtle cheater a day as killer.

    I get maybe one DC every other match lmao. DCs are actually worse than cheaters imo, bc cheaters are actually pretty funny sometimes.