anyone else being disconnected mid match


it randomly boots me mid game for no reason


  • BrightWolf
    BrightWolf Member Posts: 386

    I've seen people on Reddit and steam complaining about this. Have you made a post in the bug forum?

  • steezo_de
    steezo_de Member Posts: 1,097

    Not only random boots, but my friends and I will get crazy ping spikes. I seem to get the worst of it from 50-200+. I warp like mad. I have no doubt that the killer is thinking we're hacking.

    I usually notice it when the killer is outside of our normal region, but not always! So, it's hard to pinpoint what's up. There's usually someone in the lobby that gets that lag symbol several times during the game. This has started happening since Wesker, but it's especially more frequent in the last week or two. I wonder if BHVR's net code can't handle the speed of fast movement.

    Anyway, on another, but related issue-- BHVR, please give me the option to OPT OUT of high ping games. I do NOT want to keep facing players from other countries. Anything above 50 is too janky. I'll wait it out if I have to.

  • Tsukah
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    I hate having to keep saying this, but the devs need to add more server locations

    I'm constantly playing on 100ms+ just because I don't live in the USA

  • Deathstroke
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    Yeah few times and it shows killer also dc:t.

  • Laluzi
    Laluzi Member Posts: 5,553

    Yes. The weird thing is that it doesn't give me a DC penalty - it just says "you have been disconnected from the host."

    My connection is fine otherwise.