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so for anyone not knowing, Pubg announced a special Event in collaboration with BHVR/DbD. And DbD of course also has something (a charm. Lol. Code: Winnerwinner)

though I haven’t seen a thread for this pubg event yet.

what do y’all think of this, do you play Pubg/consider playing it for the event? Lmk, I am actually on the fence to try the even though not interested in the actual Pubg game 🤪


  • DBDVulture
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    I didnt get a code for playing pubg for dwight skin

  • tippy2k2
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    Maybe there's more to it since I don't play PUBG and therefore haven't tried this mode buuuuut

    It looks like they just made a DBD mode in PUBG but then...why wouldn't I go play DBD instead? I'm sure there's more to it than that but the one time I downloaded PUBG on my Xbox, it was utterly trash (which I've heard is the case that the PC version is much better but I have no desire to play on the PC) so I suppose I'll never find out for myself.

  • Mooks
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    i got it.

    you have to start the mission via a website (enter it from the main pubg menu on top right). Then play one match. Then wait a little bit to get the prompt to claim the code on that same website on the bottom

  • Mooks
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    Well. My partner wanted the cosmetic so we tried. And… it is interesting to say the least. But after one match we won’t do any more and already in the process of deinstalling pubg 😅

  • jesterkind
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    I installed to give it a shot, and I admire the effort but it's... really not great. Kinda janky, kinda clunky, I also don't think I've gotten a single full lobby in the five or so games I've played so far. I did get the Dwight skin though, so I got all that I need to out of the event for a DBD player.

    Maybe I'll give PUBG's normal modes a try. Maybe that'll spur me to get the Nurse cosmetic for that game...

  • Coffeecrashing
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    I did the event for the Dwight skin. The AI bots were beyond terrible in the 1 bot match I played, and the "DBD" killer was super clunky and not enjoyable to play.

    Fortunately, just like in DBD's solo queue, there was one survivor that refused to do anything, and just waited for everyone else to die, so I was never in the situation where everyone was trying to do generators.