Chapter concept-The Thing





Power: assimilation

Passive: Assimilation

survivors have an infected bar max stacks 4. it can be removed by taking vaccines or meds, stacks are gained each time the thing changes into you are when you are hit with infection tentacle.

1 stack-can be damaged by infection tentacle

2 stack-detected by instinct 3 meters further away

3-stack-reduce the time for the thing to replicate you.

4 stack-while in the injured state attempting to perform a conspicius action will cause blood to splatter from your body infecting other survivors.

Special ability one: replication

to activate assimilation you must hit a survivor/injure a survivor by any means. You then gain their dna where you can choose to morph into them, this process takes 3 seconds, during your replication as the survivor you have a third person view, fast vault, 0 TR and can attack other survivors. Attacking a survivor will revert you to your original form and this ability then goes on cooldown,

Special ability two: self preservation

hold the active ability button for 1.5 seconds to activate self preservation. you can select three different abilities: infection tentacle, instinct and intelligence. all abilities have the same cooldown of 40 seconds.

infection tentacle-infect survivors with the assimilation bar and also gain their DNA, this attack will be similar to nemesis but the tentacle is shot out of the things body in a straight line. levels up each time intelligence is used, tier one-range 3 meters. tier 2-range 5 meters. tier 3-hitting a survivor who has one stack of assimilation damages them.

instinct-break off a piece of your body, this piece will act like a victor type of thing, you control it and you can switch back to your main form. cant attack, jump, speed is 6.0. survivors within 3 meters highlighted by killer instinct.

intelligence-activating this will give u the following buffs: can crouch, tr reduced to 12 meters, red stain reduced, buffs infection tentacle and gives you temporary access to entering and exiting lockers, gives you the option to use replication in one. duration 15 seconds.


  • DashMonsta008XV
    DashMonsta008XV Member Posts: 611

    I really think this is great the only thing,I would change is the infection rate because there's no cure for the Thing infection.You could change it to a paranoia bar,with different stats .

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    I didn't really think about the idea you suggested, a paranoia bar would be more fitting and in line with the film, i shall take on your feedback and begin brainstorming different stats.

  • DashMonsta008XV
    DashMonsta008XV Member Posts: 611

    No problem this is an awesome concept and I hope to see a rendition of it someday,The Thing is a really good film and it would be awesome to be in Dead by Daylight.

    What we will disagree is which Thing should be base hahaha 😂