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This is my 5th concept for a chapter, taking inspiration from the horror game series Fatal Frame, coincidentally from the 5th installment in the series Maiden of Black Water. Hardest part was thinking of a way to add the Camera Obscura into the concept, but I think I found a decent balance.

Please let me know what you think! Gave up on links and just did my best to throw pictures of the characters in instead.


Name: Ose Kurosawa

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese

Difficulty Rating: Hard

Movement: 4.4 m/s

Weapon: Dark Miasma

A blue miasma cloud that bursts with powerful spiritual energy. After hitting a Survivor, The Maiden will curl her fingers, recalling the miasma.

Mori: The Maiden conjures a large black casket filled with black water, while spectral limbs drag the Survivor inside of it. The casket is sealed shut as the Survivor screams for help trying to escape, drowning in the process as they struggle.


"Originally from a small village on the other side of Katase, at the base of Mt. Hikami, she was the sole survivor of a flood that killed many people, and the incident left her with the ability to see things others couldn't, forcing her to take a position as a shrine maiden on the mountain. When her time came to enter the casket and become an Immortal Flower, it was decided that she would serve as a Great Pillar, supporting the mountain and preventing black water from overflowing from the Shadowspring.

Ose went on to perform her ritual, entering the casket willingly. Once the lid was closed, however, she was flooded with the feelings of all of the shrine maidens being massacred. Her spirit was tainted, and she turned into an evil ghost, forever waiting for someone to die with, or accept her memories so she could be at rest.

A presence called to her from beneath the Shadowspring, a malevolent force that persuaded her, taking advantage of her request. Descending deep into the darkness, Ose's spirit had begun to fade into a new realm; one where she is able to spread the pain and misery she has suffered and find one person to end it all with."

KILLER POWER: Black Water Maiden

A dark rain showers, drenching the Trial Grounds with pools of black water. The waters enhance one's spiritual presence overtime, luring ghouls to haunt the living.


Shadow-Touched are ghosts who will spawn in random locations and will roam the Trial Grounds to haunt Survivors. There is a default number of 3 Shadow-Touched that can be on the map at any given time, and their Aura is revealed to you in white. They are intermittently visible to Survivors within a 20 meter range, while invisible beyond that radius.

The Shadow-Touched cannot inflict damage to a Survivor on their own, however, when they attack they will cause a Survivor to scream.

A Shadow-Touched can be blinded by a Flashlight, giving Survivors a chance at evading their pursuit. They will be drawn to any loud noise notifications performed within a 16 meter range of their location.

Shadow-Touched will respawn 15 seconds after swarming a Survivor, or after 30 seconds if they were exorcised by the Camera Obscura.


The Maiden starts the Trial with 2 Tokens.

Press and Hold the Power button to charge an attack, then tap the Attack button to summon a Guardian on the ground directly in front of The Maiden. If a Survivor screams or performs a loud noise notification within a 12 meter range of a Guardian, their location will be revealed through Killer Instinct. The Guardian will respond to any Survivor within a 12 meter range of them, readying to attack them by lunging their entire body towards them, moving around any obstacle if necessary. On a successful hit, the Guardian will take a Survivor's Health State and will disappear from the Trial Grounds.

A Guardian's Aura will be in revealed in white to you. Survivors can avoid detection by crouching or walking out of the Guardian's line of sight.

A Guardian will remain at the location it was summoned at for 24 seconds, or until manually dismissed by The Maiden by pressing the Active Ability button. There can be up to a max of two Guardians at any given time.

A Survivor can interrupt a Guardian's attack by stunning them, but they will not immediately disappear. A Guardian stunned by a Survivor will give up their pursuit and reveal the Survivor's location through Killer Instinct.


The Aura of the Camera Obscura will be revealed to all Survivors 45 seconds into the Trial. By collecting energy from a Generator, the Camera Obscura can be powered for the Survivors to use. With the item equipped, a Survivor can expend its charges in order to:

  • Exorcise a Shadow-Touched roaming the Trial Grounds.
  • Exorcise a Guardian summoned by The Maiden.
  • Stun and/or Blind The Maiden.

The Camera Obscura requires 8 charges to use its function, with a total of 24 charges by default. For a Survivor to use the Item, they must aim it in their intended direction for 2.5 seconds. A powerful flash of light will be fired from the camera within a 30 degree cone.

If The Maiden sends a Survivor holding onto the Camera Obscura into the Dying State or finds the item first, it will lose all of its charges and be sent to another location within the Trial Grounds.

Killer Add-on ideas

  • Common: The Camera Obscura has its Aura revealed at the beginning of the Trial. Gain 100% more Bloodpoints when performing Black Water Maiden scoring events.
  • Various rarities to increase the movement speed of Shadow-Touched.
  • Various rarities to increase the detection range of Shadow-Touched.
  • Various rarities to increase the duration a Guardian can stay active (between 2-6 seconds).
  • Various rarities to increase the power necessary to fully charge the Camera Obscura.
  • Shadow-Touched will afflict a Survivor with the Blindness status for 20 seconds when they attack.
  • Rare: Guardians will afflict a Survivor with the Hemorrhage status until fully healed on a successful hit.
  • Rare: The Camera Obscura can only hold 3/4 of its maximum charges.
  • Very Rare: Guardians will reveal the Aura of any Survivor within their range for 4 seconds after detection.
  • Very Rare: The Camera Obscura has a 30% chance to consume twice the amount of charges for one use.
  • Very Rare: Guardians will afflict a Survivor with the Mangled status for 20 seconds effect on a successful hit.
  • Very Rare: Shadow-Touched will afflict a Survivor with the Exhausted status effect for 15 seconds when they attack.
  • Very Rare: Guardians gain the ability to break Pallets and Breakable Walls after detecting a Survivor.
  • Very Rare: After summoning a Guardian, you become Undetectable for 8 seconds.
  • Twisted Reliquary (Iridescent): Shadow-Touched decrease the range at which they are seen intermittently by 10 meters. The Guardians you summon extend their detection range by 6 meters.
  • Kunihiko's Photograph (Iridescent): The Camera Obscura's Aura takes an additional 45 seconds longer before its Aura revealed. A Survivor will scream to reveal their location when they pick up the Camera Obscura, and suffer the Oblivious status for 60 seconds. The Maiden herself becomes immune to the power of the Camera Obscura.


The Maiden comes with 3 unique perks.


A ritual that binds the souls of two beings together so that they could be together in the afterlife.

Hex: Ghost Marriage will activate on a random Dull Totem remaining on the Trial Grounds after you hook a Survivor for the first time:

  • The hooked Survivor suffers from the Cursed and Broken Status Effects until Hex: Ghost Marriage is cleansed.
  • For the first 60 seconds, only the Cursed Survivor is able to cleanse the Hex Totem.
  • The Aura of Hex: Ghost Marriage's Hex Totem is revealed to the Cursed Survivor within 24/20/16 meters.

The Hex effects persist until its Hex Totem is cleansed.

"I wanted to live with him. . . However, the person I want to die with is you..." -Ose Kurosawa


You gain the ability to read the memories of an object's spirit, learning their secrets.

Whenever you damage a Generator, Survivors within a 16 meter radius of you will scream, and suffer from the Exposed status effect for 15 seconds.

Fatal Glance has a cooldown of 70/60/50 seconds.

Images of death flashed in front of me. I could smell the choking stench of death. -Ose Kurosawa


You are armed with the tools to keep your enemies closer to death.

At the start of the Trial, 4 random Hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks.

  • The Aura of Scourge Hooks are revealed to you in white.

Each time a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge Hook, the following effect applies:

  • The Rescuer is afflicted with the Hindered status, decreasing their movement speed by 2% for 15 seconds.
  • The Survivor that was unhooked suffers from the Exhausted status for 35/40/45 seconds.

"The maidens were shut in boxes filled with Black Water. The water brought them close to death and gradually eroded their bodies. But if their resolve was strong they would retain their physical form."


Name: Yuri Kozukata

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Nationality: Japanese


"When Yuri was younger, her family died in a traffic accident, leaving her the only survivor. As a result of the accident, she was left with the ability to see ghosts. She visited a doctor, and they stated she was cured, but shortly after, she started to have visions of the undead again. Yuri went to Mount Hikami and attempted to end her pain by jumping off a cliff, but was stopped at the last minute by a young woman by the name of Hisoka Kurosawa. The two became close, and Yuri eventually ended up living with Hisoka in her antiques store, Kurosawa Antiques.

After a series of requests to search for missing people, Yuri is spirited away by a strange phenomena while she is resting inside the shop. Her new whereabouts are unfamiliar, yet are very reminiscent of the twisted nature and horror she has experienced. No matter the circumstances, the goal remains the same and Yuri devotes her time and energy to survive this new trial facing her."


Yuri Kozukata comes with 3 unique perks.


Your sharp senses note the weaknesses of your oppressors so you may exploit them.

After you have successfully Stunned or Blinded the Killer, they receive the Hindered status effect, decreasing their speed by 3%, and the Blindness status effects for 10 seconds.

Increases the odds of becoming the Killer's initial Obsession. The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Fatal Frame goes on cooldown for 60/50/40 seconds after use.

"I am now convinced that a power exists that exceeds my expectations." -Dr. Kunihiko Asou


You are gifted in a special talent to aid those in finding what they have lost.

Shadow Reading activates after you complete the Heal, Mend, or Unhook action on another Survivor, the Aura of the Generator, Totem, or Chest that they last interacted with is revealed to you both for a total of 4/6/8 seconds.

If a Survivor is fully Sacrificed to The Entity, the Aura of the Item they were carrying is revealed to you within a 32 meter range.

Shadow Reading has a cooldown of 25 seconds.

"Met with a potential client. Doesn't know whether subject is alive or dead. Says she may have wandered off somewhere. May be waiting for help..." -Hisoka Kurosawa


As a resident of the shadows, you are fully accustomed to what lurks in the darkness.

Yomiko activates when you have stood within the Killer's Terror Radius for 50/40/30 seconds without being in chase. The next time you are afflicted with the Exposed status effect, you will ignore its effect entirely, entering the Injured state instead of the Dying state if Healthy. Yomiko deactivates after losing a Health State.

"It's all lies. And lying only hurts more, right?." -Miu Hinasaki

Yuri's Legendary Outfits

Hisoka Kurosawa- Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Description: "The owner of Kurosawa Antiques. Gifted in the art of Shadow Reading, a skill used to tell fortunes and search for lost things."

Miu Hinasaki- Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Description: "A young woman in search of her mother who has strong ties to the supernatural."

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    Made some minor tweaks to grammar, and moved a few sentences around in The Maiden's power. Otherwise, some input on the thought process I was going for with this chapter:

    I wanted to mimic the setting of Fatal Frame, but without making mechanics too obnoxious. I was originally going to include the Wetness gauge feature in the game (makes ghosts attack more essentially), similar to Doctor's Madness, but thought that would be overcomplicating her overall kit. In her current iteration, the killer can be thought of as a mix of Nemesis and Artist with the Shadow-Touched and Guardians. For the Camera Obscura mechanics, the Halloween event pretty much came into play for the idea of gathering energy. I feel like that mechanic can be recycled into more aspects of the game, so using it for an item specific to a killer would be a good fit.

    The perks were hardest to think about, mostly in regards to their effects. Originally Yomiko was going to be a perk to be immune to the Blindness status, but changed it because I liked the idea of being a little more safer when Exposed comes into play. Immortal Flower and Ghost Marriage originally had their effects swapped, but I figured an exhaustion hex similar to Plaything would be too oppressive.

    Overall, this was definitely one of the more fun concepts I've worked on! 😊

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    cool concept lots of interesting ideas going on here,

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    Im only worried about the scourge hook, it would make tunneling really easy.

  • Hex_iButt
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    I see what you mean, I didn't think about it being abuseable if a killer decided to camp a scourge. I just changed it so its hindered vs deep wounds, that way you get a chance to save yourself with the base kit endurance. Thanks for pointing that out! :)

  • IlliterateGenocide
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    I wouldn't mind if it was like floods of rage and every survivor got hindered for a little bit

  • Hex_iButt
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    I ended up going for the rescuer and the unhooked survivor getting hindered at least. I feel like that would be a bit more of a fair trade-off.

    Also had to change Fatal Glance, since the new killer has the same perk going for him lol.

  • Hex_iButt
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    Made some grammatical fixes I saw in a few areas and clarified some areas with her power and add-ons, after seeing the Knight in action in an attempt to differentiate their abilities.

    Added in a disclaimer with Yomiko that it'll be lost regardless when you take a hit, just like Potential Energy. Shadow Reading, had some wording adjusted and decreased the cooldown a bit. Fatal Frame's CD adjusted, while adding in the specifics of the Hindered and Blindness effects I forgot. Immortal Flower I tried to make less tunnel friendly, and incentivize going after the rescuer.

    Fatal Glance I adjusted, so it wouldn't be super oppressive paired with Nowhere to Hide.