Cosplay Rin Yamaoka "The Spirit" by Britany Angelus

Cosplayer: chilean cosplayer

PH: @crisangelusph

twitter @Britany_Angelus

insta: Cosplay_angelus


  • Britany_Angelus
    Britany_Angelus Member Posts: 2

    We have put a lot of effort into this work, I hope you like it. ♥

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,223

    This is freaking awesome! I've never seen a Spirit cosplay before. You even have the arm separation effect too. This is just all around incredible. Well done 10/10! 👍️

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    bro how did you do the arm though it looks amazing.