Chapter Concept: The Dark Descent

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Hey, this is my first post here. I've been playing a lot of DBD, but what got me into DBD at all was that I LOVED horror growing up. And one game that horrorfied me when I was young was Amnesia, the Dark Descent. One of the most well known horror games that jump started a TON of youtube careers with its amazing story, and horrifying atmosphere. And I think a lot of players would instantly recognize the game themselves.

One idea that I've been caught up with (after all of the recent licensed killers coming out) was... would it be possible to include the Amnesia Gatherers as killers in DBD (Grunt and Brute as different skins)? Along with Daniel as a survivor, of course. I feel like they would fit extremely well, and it would be perfect to reawaken some of that old Amnesia horror once again.

I already came up with an idea for the Gatherer's power, and it revolves around light, and sanity. I'm not gonna shorten it, and I want a really scary killer - so I'll go heavy on the details. :3

Each player starts the trial with a secondary item tied to their waist, the Lantern. The lantern, when lit, allows the Survivor to regain Sanity, and see further into the new darkness that pervades the trial grounds (permanent Nightfall darkness, from the dredge - minus the screaming; Lantern lights up around a 24 meter range). Players can turn the lantern on and off with the secondary action key to preserve fuel, and can refill the lanterns at oil drums scattered around the map. Oil is limited, and when it runs out, the players are plunged into permanent darkness (there should be enough oil to last for most of the match).

The Gatherer's true strength comes from its passive effects. When looking at the Gatherer, the survivor's sanity rapidly begins to deplete after a 1 second delay. Sanity causes a slew of effects the lower it gets, which I'll describe below. Having a lantern lit will increase the sanity drain effect (as you can see them clearly).

The Gatherer's main power is Indescribable Horror; a "meter" power that can be expended when full (similar to Feral Frenzy). The Gatherer gives a sickening groan, forcing all survivors within 16 meters to lock their cameras on it for 3 seconds, inflicting Hindered for the duration. The Gatherer begins to rapidly pick up speed in an ambling charge (similar to Oni's Demon Dash), giving it improved lunging capabilities and slightly reduced turning capabilities. Attacking a pallet in this state will destroy it. (Similar to Blight) Duration: Max of 10 seconds. Cooldown is always 12 seconds or so, as it can be a powerful tool in loops. Ending Indescribable Horror early allows the Gatherer to quickly regain control and become a normal M1 killer (this allows him to do very well catching up over long distances, dealing with pallets, and applying pressure).

Indescribable Horror allows the Gatherer to quickly vault windows (20% faster), which become tainted by the Shadow (Duration: 90 seconds). Any survivor who fast vaults the window afterwords becomes hindered for 3 seconds, and lose a notch of sanity. Destroyed pallets by Indescribable Horror leaves splotches of the Shadow's influence on the floor, which applies the same effect. These splotches fade after 60-90 seconds (depending on addons). (Iri addon reveals killer instinct on the survivor within a 16 meter range).

Lockers opened during Indescribable Horror become afflicted by the Shadow, and any survivor who enters them begins to rapidly lose sanity within. (Lasts 120 seconds)

Now, the main effects of Sanity are important, and make the Gatherer terrifying. While it's broken into eight notches, there's three tiers of sanity.

High sanity (6-8 notches) allows the player to hear the Gatherer's Terror Radius, and has no effects on the player at all. Ideally, you want to keep your Sanity as high as possible, group up to preserve oil, and complete gens to restore 2 notches instantly.

Between 2-6 notches, things get interesting. You become oblivious, and can no longer hear the Gatherer's terror radius. You will also randomly hear groans from the Gatherer (as if he's nearby), and maybe even the "stinger" noise as if he was standing near you, and started to move (especially when working on gens).

Low sanity becomes deadly below 2 notches, as the Survivor begins to fumble and scramble for safety and comfort. When repairing generators, the survivor will no longer receive a noise notification whenever there is a skill check. Randomly, when running, the survivor will "trip", falling to their hands and knees for a moment before picking themselves back up to keep running. In chase, they will drop their primary item when this happens (from an add on) Whenever the Gatherer uses Indescribable Horror and the survivor looks at them, they will scream - and give the killer Killer Instinct for several seconds.

At 0 sanity, the survivor becomes exposed. Hooks have torches on them, which allow the hooked survivor to regenerate sanity while awaiting rescue. Their lantern is extinguished while hooked, allowing them to preserve oil.

So! Perks, perks perks perks. I'll start with Daniel. They're based off of the three endings of the game, to fit in line with Daniel's back story.

Acceptance. (Based on the "give up and let Alexander win" ending.) You have learned that no matter what you may do, the horrors of the dark will cheat you of your blood. Once at the start of the trial, when you enter the dying state, Acceptance activates. You persist for 1/2/3 seconds after the fatal hit before collapsing from your injuries. Acceptance only reactivates once you have been unhooked. (This allows you to move to a safer area, away from the basement, or under a pallet much more safely. Three uses max.)

Persistence. (Based on the "defeat Alexander" ending.) The darkness encroaches, and flight will only carry you so far before endurance wanes. When uninjured, press the active ability button to gain a small burst of speed. Gain 10% haste status affect for 5 seconds. You become exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. (Can help extend a loop you don't think you'll make, and buy you time to get out of a dead zone.)

Benevolence. (Based on the "free Agrippa" ending.) Even in the darkest moments of one's life, mercy is always an option. For each time you have been hooked, gain a passive 10%/15%/20% increase to unhooking and altruistic healing speed for the remainder of the trial. If you are grabbed or put into the dying state within 16 meters of a hooked survivor, the survivor's hook timer is paused for 20/25/30 seconds. (A safeguard against camping, and definitely leans into the altruistic side of DBD.)

The Gatherer's perks fit well into the Gatherer's playstyle.

Haunting Visage. Your gruesome form strikes terror into those you hunt. When a survivor enters chase with you, they scream - revealing their aura for 3/4/5 seconds, and become hindered for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds. (Soft form version of his power).

Budding Horror. The call of the dark grows stronger with time, and the ritual must come to a close. Each time you hook a survivor, all survivors who have reached the same hook stage of the victim will scream, revealing their location and becoming Incapacitated for 6/9/12 seconds. (Passive slowdown and map control, encourage sharing hook stages).

Shadow's Call. Your prey leaves a trail, and all upon that trail will suffer a horrible fate. Each time a survivor enters the dying state, all injured survivors within 16/20/24 meters will enter the Deep Wound state. Survivors already in the Deep Wound state will be instantly downed instead.

New map: Castle Brennenburg. This would be so cool, and old-timey generators would be AWESOME. It could be the inner sanctum, and the exit gates could be either in the cellar or a broken version of the elevator down into the prison.

Let me know what you think!

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  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    I will skip the long text for your idea (sorry), but I would like something from this franchise. It would fit for sure in DbD.

  • Aceislife
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    I'm a really big fan of the Amnesia series. Yes. An Amnesia chapter would be amazing.

  • Pumpkinsquad99
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    I'm sorry it's so long. ^///^; I'll try to keep it short in the future, but I wanted to be precise with my idea.

  • IlliterateGenocide
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    I know it wouldn't fit but i would love a "penumbra" alien skin since there made by the same people

  • Pumpkinsquad99
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    I agree! Spooky alien with a spooky alien chase, but similar playstyle, would be nice.

  • IlliterateGenocide
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    also would like Amnesia Rebirth and machine for pigs skin.

    I honestly preferred the story of Machine for pigs more. but greatly preffered the gameplay of Rebirth and dark decent

  • AnneBonny
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    this is a really unique concept and i'm a fan, although there are a few things that could probably be tweaked

    i have mixed feelings about the perks though

    i like acceptance a lot, the caveat of only having 3 uses out of it would prevent teams with flashlights constantly forcing saves

    persistence sounds like the return of old dead hard, albeit without the i-frames.

    i'd take the healing speed off of benevolence, healing is already very strong as-is with so many perks that increase your speed and busted medkits and their add-ons. i feel this would worsen the issue as well as punish the killer for not tunnelling since you'd want to kill the person that's healing faster. i do like the anti-camping aspect though.

    not sure how to feel about haunting visage, it'd help to get early hits for killers that really benefit from that sort of thing (oni, sadako, ghostface, etc.) but the lack of a cooldown is a bit worrying. depends how strong the hindered effect is i guess.

    i like budding horror, sounds fun to use with grim embrace

    shadow's call sounds pretty rough to go against, especially on killers like deathslinger or legion. a legion with never sleep pills, mural sketch or filthy blade, lethal pursuer, shadow's call and a midwich offering could have insane early game slowdown and possibly 2 or maybe 3 downs depending on survivor's spawn points. on the other hand this encourages survivors to split up on gens which ultimately would benefit the survivors more than the killer

    overall though this is a really cool concept, personally i'm more of a soma person when it comes to frictional games but i'd love this if it got added.

  • Pumpkinsquad99
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    The perks were just suggestions; they can be changed and altered.

    Acceptance is definitely a failsafe perk. In a team, it'd be really good especially if you're going against a VERY strong killer, like Nurse or Blight. It will at least get you to a better part of the map, or even give you just enough time to reach hatch before collapsing.

    Persistence is still only 10%. If you and the killer hug the loop tightly, at best you'll get maybe one loop extra - and that's if you haven't taken your first hit already.

    I can agree with removing healing speed on Benevolence. Definitely keep the unhook speed buff (maybe increase it to 25%), and if you somehow do go down near another hooked survivor - buying them 30 seconds is going to give some hope to the team, at least.

    Hindered could be something around 5-7% on Haunting Visage. If you get the jump on the survivor, it'll guarantee a first hit. The cooldown could be something around... 35/30/25 seconds? I think that'd be fair, especially since it's such a short duration. I feel like the aura reading is better, and I was thinking of its duration with Lethal Pursuer in mind.

    Budding Horror is good, as it encourages spreading the pain across all survivors, and tunneling one person out of the game will get you basically no value out of it.

    Shadow's Call requires that there are injured survivors near you when you down someone (within 24 meters). It resets healing progress and puts them in the mend state. It's basically a punishment for healing too close to the killer, but you can't really benefit off of it without slugging and going for a second down. If you chase two guys in mend, you'll get them both for not splitting up, though, which is definitely pretty evil and could be pretty campy. Maybe it needs a rework.