Exhaustion Perk Idea: Tactical Necessity

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Nitty Gritty Notes:

* You're not fully immune to basic attacks upon activation, there's a small window of around 0.1sec into the animation where you can still be hit from basic attacks. This helps alleviate very annoying gameplay flow where the user can actually end up using this perk late and not get punished for doing so, as well as not have an annoying feature of "Press to be Immune" scenarios.

* 0.5secs have been taken into consideration so that the time spent in the animation is equivalent to a Fast Vault.

* Special attacks that have a unique break animation stated here that end up hitting the user as their beneath the pallet of less than half way through the animation will suffer a Health State- assuming the attack takes away a Health State to begin with, otherwise, takes two Health States: Hillbilly Chainsaw, Bubba Chainsaw, Demogorgon Shred, Blight Rush, (Compound 33 Add-on) Nemesis Tentacle, (Tier II+) Oni's Demon Dash, Albert Wesker's Virulent Bound (Lab Photo Add-on)

* Special attacks stated above that break the pallet and the user is more than half way beneath the animation of Tactical Necessity will not suffer damage but will be placed where they are in normal control- Exhaustion will still trigger during this time.

* Tactical Necessity is a rushed action meaning that these perks effect Tactical Necessity: Quick & Quiet, Dance With Me.

Thank you for taking the time to readup on my idea. Please do give constructive critiscm, as for Exhaustion perks this is probably my best idea for a realistic new Exhaustion perk for DbD. 🙂


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    this is a very solid well thought of perk. I can honestly see this coming to the game without a doubt, as a killer main who sometimes plays survivor I wouldn't mind this being added.

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    Thank you for your input! I would like to know some of your perk ideas Survivor/Killer for fun. haha :)

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    I made these with a chapter concept ages ago some of the stats would need adjustments but i would say they are fairly fine.

    Ultimate slacker

    Whenever a survivor disconnects or doesn't work on a generator for 2 minutes you gain the following stats.

    10 percent repair speed increase and 20 percent healing speed increase, this doesn't stack with multiple disconnects and survivors not doing gens.


    Survivors see the auras of the killer shack and main building if the map has one. If the map has neither then he can see the auras of generators when hiding in a locker for 3 seconds. Aura readings cease when they have left.

    Player Two

    You start the trail with another survivor unless the killer has an offering to prevent this. This survivor and only this survivor will be your player TWO. If you both perform a cooperative action together you both gain the following bonuses as long as your both working together. Gen speed is increased by five percent, healing speeds increased by 10 percent and killers Terror radius is increased by 2 metres.


    Second chance

    Upon hooking a survivor who has reached the 2nd hook stage you gain the second chance effect, when healing the survivor you can toggle the ability button to give the survivor an extra hook stage. BUT, the extra hook stage is taken from you, if you are on 0 hooks you are now on one hook, if one you are now on death hook you cant give a hook on death hook and while having this perk no one can give you hook stages.

    Father Time

    When all generators are completed all exhaustion effects are fully recovered, when in a chase with a killer for more than ten seconds your exhaustion time reduces at the normal rate when running.


    Survivors who crouch for more than five seconds reduce aura reading capabilities for the killer, reduced visual aura intensity of the survivor and duration. 0.5-1-1.5