Possible knight powers

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These are just concepts I thought about

Power1 a 2 stance killer

Stance 1 is a offensive stance where he can charge a over head slash that can insta down (kinda like Oni)

Stance 2 is a defensive stance where he raises his sword and slows down to 110 in this form he prepares to counter strike any incoming stuns if he is stuned by a pallet he retaliates with a spinning slash destroying the pallet (like sprit fury still takes the stun)

Power 2 fog rider

This killer has 2 weapons a lance and a long sword

Is his normal form he uses his long sword ( I don't know what small anti loop he could have here)

In his fog rider form he uses his Lance summoning his trusty steed Maurice ( or a horse made of fog)

His speed is increased by 25% but his collision is increased making passing through small objects near impossible

Hitting a surivor on your steed will not stop you and you continue your path to attempt to chain your attack to other Survivors nearby

Getting stuned while on your steed will knock you off and suffer a longer stun but you can vault pallets.

(I would have more ideas here but I have to leave for work so feel free to leave your ideas below)


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    With that long sword, I could see the Knight being a 110% killer with some sort of dash at some point, or faster bloodlust that increasingly makes them faster.

    As an actual power, yeah, two stances could make sense !

    I also associate knights with medieval Europe and therefore christianity/a perceived godly mission, so I could see the Knight being a corrupted knight with a special bond to the Entity as it takes the place of the worshipped God. How that would manifest could be with preferential treatment from the Entity, like being able to summon a hook or create a wall to herd survivors off certain areas.