Chapter Concept-The Genius "Hannibal Lecter"

Name: The Genius "Hannibal Lecter"

TR: 15M-0M

Speed: 4.4m

height: average

Power: Good things to those who wait

Special Ability one: you are what you eat

Once the bar is full hold the active ability button for 2 seconds to activate you are what you eat.

For the next 30 seconds the walls of the trail become transparent. Making you able to see on the opposite rooms without needing to go into them.

Special attack: patience my dear

Hold the active ability button to activate. For 30 seconds your tr becomes 0 meters and you gain the attack fine cutlery. Again toggle and hold fine cutlery to initiate a close range attack. Hitting a survivor will initiate a short animation where Lecter cuts a lump of flesh from the survivor. this flesh is now stored in his inventory for later use while hitting the survivor they become broken until healed again. ability then ends after the hit.

Special ability: Fine dinning

Upon collecting flesh from a survivor who gain the ability fine dining. upon toggling the active showing ability button you gain effects based on how many stacks consumed.

1 stacks-reduce TR by 3 meters

2 stacks-increase speed to 4.6 meters

3 stacks-pallets are shown in a white aura, dropped pallets are in an orange aura.

4 stacks MAX-survivors suffer from deep wounds when hit with patience my dear.

whenever you collect additional flesh and consume it gain a 5 percent haste for 5 seconds.


Clarice Starling

I cant think of any perks :(


  • Lekitzul
    Lekitzul Member Posts: 495

    Honestly, I would be excited if Hannibal came to the table, no puns intended.

    For Clarice.....

    Call of the Lambs - You are very proactive of those that are hurt. When you unhook someone, you get a token to "Yell" or make a noise, and distract the killer possibly from the hurt person.

    Face the Beast. You are not afraid of those people with dark intentions, when on the hook you can reassure yourself if they still within 10 m, and your countdown stops for 30 seconds.

    As for a third, I'm stuck. =)

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    Face the beast is already a perk in game i think???