Perk Idea: Death from Above

jacam007 Member Posts: 7

Nitty Gritty Notes:

* Death from Above is a single use perk per trial meaning if you successfully manage to stun the Killer via Death from Above, it's deactivated for the rest of that trial.

* In terms of activation, here's how the mechanics work exactly for both unsuccessfully and successfully: When the 5m height limit is reached(Which by the way, the standard hill tile reaches 5m), you gain access to using Death from Above via "F" key. Upon activation you're put into a unique "ready" position with you ready to thrust a debris shard in your hand(Similar Ready position of a football player ready to throw a football). Upon landing on the ground, the following happens:

1). Unsuccessfully; The two negative effects are applied instantly if the Killer is not beneath you / touch the ground without the Killer being there.

2). Successfully; You literally stab the Killer and go into a unique animation of you thrusting your shard of debris into them, making a small grunt sound to go alongside for fluff. After pulling this off, you only have an increased Stagger duration with no addition of the Exposed Status Effect.

* The unique Stagger duration can be compensated by using Balanced Landing, completely getting rid of that downside and can even bail you out of an Unsuccessful attempt of Death from Above. The intentions of this perk isn't to be used by itself as adding another stun perk to this already stun heavy game is quite scary. Additionally, the increased Stagger duration is only applied to the user upon activation of Death from Above, not the simple fact that you have the perk activated.

* The exact amount of radius that the Killer has to be "beneath" you when you're in the Ready position of Death from Above is quite generous. Exact radius beneath you is 3.5 meters where if the Killer is within that radius, you can then hit them with this perk. Doesn't matter that you're not facing them as well as the perk with adjust accordingly to wherever your looking to the Killer's position.

!! Thanks for reading my Perk idea! Input is appreciated! !!