Chapter Concept: BBC: Doctor Who-THE BEAST

Killer Name: THE BEAST

Aliases: The Devil, Satan, the beast, the prisoner.

Height: variable-base form is tall

speed: 4.6-6m/s


weapon: claws

appearance-variable-base form below.

Power: The truth behind the myth

Special ability: Eptiome of evil

Cool down 30 seconds, duration 20 seconds

"if you look behind you, you will die."

You start the trial with the ability full, hold the active ability button to activate. all survivors outside your terror radius will be effected, all survivors are effected if you have the undetectable status effect or if a survivor is oblivious they will get effect. THE BEAST will talk to the survivors, telling them how he is going to kill them and also saying if they do things they will die such as looking behind them.

THE BEASTS warnings however have truth. all survivors have their own tormentor. The survivor have a brief chance of seeing the beast if they see him they scream.

As i said before different warnings may do different things. Such as if a survivor is working on a generator, hiding in a locker, performing a healing action or opening a chest they will need to stop what they are doing to prevent an image of the beast from spawning. If they continue said actions the image will spawn having duplicate stacks to the base form of the beast and will immediately chase the effected survivor until it removes a health state, is stunned or the survivor survives for 15 seconds. The power also has special events which may occur randomly such as if you look behind you, you will die if a survivor were to do this again a copy of the beast will spawn. However im not sure on other events that could be added.

Special Ability Two: Possession

Cool down is 90 seconds

Once the secondary power gauge is full you leave your physical form and where your mind travels around the map at 6.0m/s, coming into physical contact with a survivor will cause you to posses them. However, you have 15 seconds to find a survivor after which you travel back into your original form. You leave the possesd survivor after being stunned twice or after 30 seconds.



survivor is now covred in tattoos and has red eyes

speed is 4.6m/s

has a blade/knife

can use wrath

Special attack: wrath

Toggle and hold the active ability button to activate wrath. A large swipe which can hit multiple survivors.