Dbd Chapter 27 Idea: Asylum of blood. Revisited, revised, and reworked

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So I've made this idea like 2 times before but because the knight chapter is coming out and Red barrel studios is releasing Outlast trials soon (I think) I feel like it's a good time to make this again. It isn't exactly the same as I changed the power, perks, some names, and add-ons. I some things are the same as the previous ideas. Enjoy!

Killer: The Strongfat

Survivor: Miles Upshur

Location: Mount massive asylum sewers or main lobby.

Killer perks, power, add-ons, description, and backstory.

Killer Perks

Rising Rage: Your failed attempts to catch the Walrider's vessel has made you angrier than ever.

Every time you are stunned by any means, you gain a token. Each token grants up to 1%, 2%, 3% to breaking and damaging speed. You can stack up to 10 tokens.

Little Pig: You become obsessed with survivors easily, Not in the healthy way though.

After chasing a survivor for 45/35/25 seconds they become the obsession. Any survivor that is the obsession will be hemorrhaged and mangled after being hit. You can only be obsessed with one survivor at a time.

The hemorrhaged status effect causes survivors to bleed more revealing their location to the killer easier and regresses the healing timer at a speedy pace. The mangled status effect makes healing 20 seconds longer.

Whistleblower: No one can witness what you have done and get away with it. Kill them all.

Any survivor in your terror radius while carrying a survivor will become oblivious. After the survivor has been dropped or hooked the effects last for 20/30/40 seconds. The oblivious status effect makes you terror radius silent to survivors.


Vessel Killer:

Unleash your obsessive rage to find and kill the Walrider's' many vessels.

Frenzied Vision: Press and hold the activation button to enter frenzied vision mode. This mode lets you mark survivors after 10 seconds of looking at them. Multiple survivors can be marked but you can only mark one survivor at a time. After hooking a marked survivor all other marked survivors scream and killer instinct activates on all survivors for 15 seconds.

Obsession punishment:

Hooking the marked obsession grants a 4% haste status effect to the Strongfat for 20 seconds and decreases the entity timer by 10 seconds of the survivor on the hook.

Mark mechanics:

Survivors marked are marked for 60 seconds. Survivors can be marked limitlessly and have a red bloodshot effect around their screen if marked. The Frenzied vision power lasts 40 seconds giving you the opportunity to technically mark all survivors. It takes 8 seconds to use your frenzied vision.

Common Add-ons

Miles’s notes: Small notes Miles would make while roaming the asylum.

After marking a survivor, gain killer instinct on them for 15 seconds.

Bloody Straight jacket: One of the many blood soaked straight jackets belonging to the variants of Mount Massive.

Marked injured survivors will be afflicted with the hemorrhage status effect

Bloodied wire: A wire used to keep an awful smirk on the variants faces, bloodied by attempts to get it off.

Marked survivors make 25% more noise when injured.

Tight Shackles: Metal shackles put on variants to keep them contained. They never worked though.

Marked survivors suffer a 4% hindered status effect until injured.

Uncommon Add-ons

Batteries: Little batteries randomly scattered throughout the asylum.

Makes going into frenzied sight mode instant.

Broken chains: The result of many successful escape attempts or murder attempts by the Variants.

After marking a survivor, gain a 4% haste boost for 15 seconds.

Rusty Chains: Worn down and rusty chains belonging to the many mistreated and forgotten variants of Mount Massive.

Marked survivors that become injured are inflicted with the mangled status effect. 

Variant Limbs: The limbs of the test subjects and psychos in Mount Massive Asylum.

Mark survivors become incapacitated for the last 10 seconds of their marked state.

Security guard head: One of the heads of the many poor souls that lost their lives trying to stop the asylum riots.

Marked survivors on the hook suffer from the blinded status effect. This effect lasts for 20 seconds after the survivor has been unhooked.

Rare Add-ons

Bloody Chains: Chains dripping with the blood of several Murkoff employees. The blood has made the chains very silent.

This add-on replaces your terror radius with the sound of rustling chains.

Richard’s Medicine: Medicine used to enhance the strength and stamina of Variants. It only made them crazier. 

Gain a 4% haste effect when chasing a Marked survivor.

Unmarked survivors gain a 4% status effect when being chased.

Sacred documents: Documents Miles would actively collect. Some of which had unnerving information about what went on there.

Survivors that unhook a Marked survivor have their aura revealed to you for 20 seconds.

Broken Assault Rifle: A failed attempt to stop the variants from escaping the asylum.

After hitting a marked survivor, gain a token. Each token 

grants a 2% Cool-down reduction on successful attacks. These tokens stack up to 3 max.

Policeman's Riot Shield: A shield used to protect those who would subdue the unruly variants.

Survivors who take a protection hit become marked and inflicted with the hundred status effect for 25 seconds.

Very Rare Add-ons

Miles’s severed fingers: Fingers that had been cut off of mile’s hands. Still bloody, Still warm?

After hooking the marked obsession all marked survivors become incapacitated for 15 seconds.

Gouged eyes: The eyes taken from some of Walker's victims.

Marked survivors become obvious after half their mark timer is up

Bone Shears: A terrifying medical tool used to mutilate Richard Tragers “patients”. This included Miles Upshur.

Marked survivors that are put into the injured state become Mangled and hemorrhaged.

Survivors are also put into the incapacitated state for 20 seconds.

Collection Of Heads: A library shelf full of heads, ripped from their bodies, by Chris Walker.

The time it takes to mark your obsession is 60 seconds.

You can mori the marked obsession after they have been hooked once.

Ultra Rare Add-ons

Iridescent camcorder: A perfect replica of Mile’s camcorder, used to document the horrors of Mount Massive, now used to punish and ruin those who are seen by it.

Survivors become exposed when marked

Survivors become exhausted for 30 seconds when marked

The aura of the marked survivor is revealed to you for 20 seconds

Marking survivors takes 25 seconds

Little Pig Doll: A cruel reminder of a traumatizing past that only adds to the slur fueled rage of The Strongfat.

Survivors stay marked for 6 minutes..

Non-obsession survivors can only be marked once

When the obsession is marked, your terror radius goes across the whole map for 20 15 seconds.


Difficulty: Medium

A very bloodthirsty killer, pressuring survivors to avoid getting marked and punishing those who do. Hooking marked survivors punishes the others foolish enough to get marked themselves.

His personal perks Rising Rage, Little Pig, And Whistleblower help him chase survivors with ease and pressure those brave enough to come to the rescue.


Before Chris Walker roamed the halls of Mount Massive Asylum he was a proud army man. Unfortunately after coming back from his deployment in Afghanistan he was diagnosed with PTSD and was committed to Spindletop Psychotherapy Clinic. After years in the Spindletop Clinic they decided to make him a Murkoff employee. This was a job that he wasn't very fond of but it was his only option. After months of brainwashing and insane treatment there he snapped and killed three inmates, ripping their heads off and keeping them as trophies. After the fourth murder of Dr Claymore he was found out by Murkoff agents Pauline Glick and Paul Marion and was subdued, for now. This was only the beginning of Chris Walker's pain for after he was subdued he was brought to Mount Massive Asylum where he was made into a monster. This monster was nothing like the real Chris Walker: white eyes, wired mouth, chained arms, and a true hate for Murkoff. One day he broke out while a security breach was going on and started to kill many Murkoff workers. As this was happening Murkoff sent a team of tactical operators to take care of the situation. This only made Chris angrier, so angry he murdered countless soldiers and ripped off their heads, stacking them in the administrative block library. Many months had passed since these incidents and Chris Walker is finally looming over his obsession, Miles Upshur, a man he had chased around for hours to catch. Ready to kill when out of nowhere he starts to get thrown around by the same force he’d tried so hard to contain, The Walrider. As he sees his life flash before his eyes when he is hurled into a vent fan he is transported to a strange foggy realm. Confused, he wanders around aimlessly until a strange entity appears in front of him. The entity gives him an offer, one that has handed him a chance at the man he couldn’t kill.

Survivor, survivor perks, survivor backstory, description and location.


Miles Upshur. Now although there isn’t any way to see him in game there is a model for him you can look up.

Survivor Perks

Camera vision: Unlock your aura reading potential.

Anyone can be a reporter if they have a camera. Just make sure it has night vision.

See the aura of any killer with no terror radius 5/10/15 meters away.

See survivors that are 10/15/20 meters around the killer

Informed reporter: Unlock your aura reading potential.

Being informed is always helpful in a pinch. Although sometimes it’s best not to be too informed.

The auras of the exit doors, hatch (25 meters away), and Hex totems (20 meters away) are revealed to you after 5/4/3 generators have been done.

Unholy awakening: Unleash the unholy power stored within your very being to escape the clutches of the killer.

Once all the generators have been completed or the endgame collapse has started, you lose scratch marks, grunts of pain, and pools of blood.

Survivor Backstory

Miles was a very dedicated reporter who went through hell and back to get an interesting story recorded. This was both a blessing and a curse as one faithful day he got an anonymous tip and ventured to Mount Massive Asylum to record the awful things that had happened there. What he didn’t know was that the torture and chaos was far from over as the many Variants who resided in the asylum now had a new play thing. Chris Walker was the prime example of the chaos that was still going on in this Asylum. Huge piles of headless corpses and library shelves full of their decapitated heads were recorded on Miles Camera. However all this footage and torture was all for not as both Chris Walker and himself didn’t make it out alive. In what Miles thought were his final moments were rather a simple comatose that wouldn’t last very long. When he woke from this death-like state he found himself still in the asylum, but this wasn’t the same place he had gone through before. It was now much much worse.


“A brave reporter who has been through hell and back only to be sucked into a strange and dangerous realm. After the things he’s seen nothing can really scare him and so he helps others see what they can’t.

Miles Upshur is a Freelance investigative journalist, able to locate hidden threats and bring out the Walrider inside of him.

His personal perks, Camera vision, Informed reporter, and Unholy awakening allow him to find hidden killers and their secret source of power while staying hidden when it nears the end.


the location of the map would be in the Sewers or Main atrium. The sewer map layout would be a series of two survivor wide tunnels with places you could crouch through to get to other rooms. The killer could get to the rooms by either breaking doors or just going into them through the occasional absence of breakable doors. Pallets would be plentiful and so would lockers as the layout of the map would be difficult to hide from the killer if it weren’t for them.

Now the main atrium would have the computer room, down stairs to the power switches room, and main hallways with some of the rooms open to complete generators in them. Now you wouldn’t be able to get through the crack to the area where the power switches are but you’d be able to get into the room before it. It’s a high risk room that might have a generator and has a pallet and some lockers. It would be a sort of RPD map layout if it was in the atrium so that’s what I got for that.

Strongfat Cosmetics Ideas

Default:            Prestige:         Asylum abomination/Blighted:

The StrongFat     Bloody Strongfat    Deformed Grimace

Strongfat belly     Bloody Belly        Cankerous Stomach

Cruel clutches      Bloody clutches     Malformed Hands

Miles Upshur Cosmetics Ideas

Default:             Prestige:        Walrider skin idea:

Miles Upshur          Bloody Miles      Featureless face

Journalist Jacket     Bloody Jacket      Walrider's vessel

Journalist Denims    Bloody Denims      Shrouded Legs

General Killer info

Height: Tall

Terror radius: 36 meters

Movement speed: 110% / 4.4mps

Killer portrait

I couldn't find any art that would fit this box and because I'm bad at drawing here is a lame concept of what it might look like (of course in more dbd like style).

I hope you guys like this reworked Idea I had.