Killer Idea: Ancient Aliens killer.

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Killer: The Alien

Power: Smoke Weed and Spread Misinformation

  • 420
    • Traverse the map as the alien while smoking weed, leaving trails of smoke that will linger for 60 seconds, filling the map over time.
    • Any survivors that are immersed in the smoke for more than 10 seconds become stoned and have any notifications they receive distorted, or replaced with a different, misleading notification. Their camera's edge is surrounded by red veins.
    • Survivors can remove the stoned effect by finding bottles of visine in medicine cabinets distributed throughout the map.
  • Misinformation
    • Around the map are televisions playing episodes of ancient aliens.
      • Televisions can be turned off, but turn on again any time a survivor becomes stoned.
    • When within 8 meters of the TVs the survivors are oblivious.
    • When stoned, the survivors are drawn to the televisions and can only stop their approach if they succeed 3 consecutive skillchecks. Every consecutive skillcheck dial spins at a different speed. Skill checks continue until all three skill checks are completed in sequence.
    • If the survivors reach the televisions, one of two effects occur:
      • they begin eating chips and snacks dirtying their hands, reducing their healing and repair speeds by 69%. To end the effect the survivors must complete the wipe action on another survivor. When the survivor leaves the television, they are no longer stoned.
      • They fall asleep for 15 seconds. When the survivor wakes they are no longer stoned.


  • Redacted
    • When you damage a generator, for the next 30 seconds the generator takes on the appearance of another object in the environment, preventing any interaction and producing no sound. Redacted has a cooldown of 180 seconds.
  • Space Probe
    • Use the active ability button near a survivor to insert a probe which will reveal their location every 30 seconds. Can only be used on one survivor at a time. The probe is removed once the survivor is hooked.
  • Because... aliens
    • Every time a generator is completed one survivor at random takes on the appearance of the killer and generates a terror radius, and the killer takes on the appearance of that survivor. This effect ends after 60 seconds, or when a survivor loses a health state.
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