SDRA2 Chapter

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Prepare for 'Super Danganronpa Another 2' , the newest chapter in the saga of Dead by Daylight. Enter an island with 2 new killers with a passion for each other and fear the melody.

New Map: Utsuroshima, Isle of Nowhere. Long since abandoned, it's nothing more than a memory of a nightmare shared by the ones formerly trapped there. Although 2 remain, this time as killers.

New Killer: The Idols, Kanade Otonokoji never seemed odd at first glance, meek, submissive, shy, strangely in the know of some dark stuff, but under the surface, you wouldn't know you were in the presence of a serial killer with a love for her sister Hibiki unlike any other. After being told that a dog was more loved than her at 4 years of age, something in Kanade changed, taking a knife to the dog, Kanade began to slowly break Hibiki, murdering around 60 victims, making Hibiki more and more dependent on Kanade even on tour as the band 'Melody Rhythm'. But then, an amnesiac got lucky and ended her killing spree. But not before Kanade got one last kill in, a billiards player. Just as death seeped into Kanade as she hung for her sins, she and Hibiki found themselves in a dense foggy version of the third island. Then, something in Hibiki snapped, making her just as murderous, joining Kanade on her killing spree, the Entity found itself two new members to its cabal of killers, who are willing to kill and have nothing to lose now.

Weapons: Switchblades

Movement speed: 120% (5 m/s)

Terror Radius: 15 meters

Height: Short

Power: Haunting Melody, the Idols can tag in and out at anytime, playing a haunting melody as they do so, increasing the Terror Radius by 50% with a cool down of 10 seconds. Add ons will increase the radius and give the Idols a chance to stun anyone who hear it.


1. Dark Lovers, the devotion to each other is so great, that it can make a portal to the Killer Basement that will cool after 60/45/30 seconds. Note that it can't be activated with 2 survivors in the basement or carrying a survivor.

2. Cruel Melody, the Idols can break lockers with their switchblades, leaving survivor auras exposed for a short duration.

3. Shadow Rhythm, the Idols can break a generator, making it lose 20% progress each time.

Mori: The Idol that is tagged out appears beside the Idol that is tagged in, kissing before stabbing the survivor in the heart, killing the survivor.

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