Final Destination-Chapter Concept

Killer: The Architect

Speed: 4.8 m/s

TR: 0 meters

Height: None

Notes-No hooks in the trail

POWER: Deaths design

The power concept I have thought off is a very interesting one. The killer will not be able to hook survivors neither will hooks spawn in the trail. The killer can't injure survivors with his m1 neither does he have a basic weapon. Which means a lot of killer perks will become redundant, expose perks and m1 hit cool downs. But to balance this survivors can't become injured which means any healing related items or perks will become useless in the trial.

m1 replacement-When looking at an object hold m1 to activate it, survivors within 10 meters of the object will become chased by all objects.

Special Ability/attack: No escape

Hold the active ability button to activate no escape. All items in the a 20 meter radius become active. Survivors within the range will be effected by the fate by and items will have more effect on them the further away they are from their safe zone.

Objects are scattered throughout the map, they will chase survivors for the said amount of time or until they gain a stack of fate.

Special ability/attack: No order

When the power gauge is full you can activate.

Hold the ability button to give life to all objects in the trail. For the duration objects move 1.0m/s faster.

And chase survivors for the duration of the ability.

Passive: fate

All survivors start the trail with their bar at 0.

Every two hits from an object will give a stack of fate.

once they reach the third stack objects can kill survivors with the next hit.


survivors have three stacks of fate which act as hook stages.

Survivors are given an indication when an object is activated nearby.

Survivors escape chase with objects if they reach the safe area or if the duration runs out

PASSIVE: objects

Base speed 4.0 m/s

activation before chase, 2 seconds.

chasing time 30 seconds.


Alex and clear